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12037, Restaurant, American cuisine, Live music, Charming fun atmosphere, serving home-style cooking, Restaurant Review | Columbia Blue Plate Restaurant

  Blue Plate Restaurant, serving American cuisine, is located at 1 Kinderhook Street, Chatham NY 12037, Columbia County in the Hudson Valley.

From Blue Plate Restaurant: "Located in a charming old building that dominates the center of the villate . . . The staff, that has considerable longevity at the place, bring an array of individual personalities to the place, and help make it feel as if you’re dining with a delightfully non-dysfunctional family . . . And the menu, which Grunberg and longtime chef Leo Castellanos put together, is a brilliant array of the traditional and unexpected, always with an eye to meatless offerings." by B.A. Nilsson, Metroland." Blue Plate Restaurant | Columbia  website and more . . .

12136, Country Store, Columbia County, Hudson-Valley, Hudson Valley adventures, The word is | Columbia Old Chatham Country Store & Café

  The Old Chatham Country Store & Café is located at 639 Albany Turnpike Road, Old Chatham, NY 12136, Columbia County in the Hudson-Valley.

From Old Chatham Country Store: "The Old Chatham Country Store celebrated its re-opening in the spring of 2004 under the ownership of Chefs Brian Albert and Peter Trump. Brian and Peter are both graduates of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, and have extensive culinary experience. Peter has been chef-owner to restaurants in Bucks County, PA and Los Angeles, and has catered movies and video shoots in Hollywood. Brian worked as a private chef to one of our country’s top captains of industry and has cooked in a number of restaurant kitchens as well. Old Chatham Country Store & Café | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 Copake Catering | Restaurant Caterers

12521, Restaurant and Bar, American cuisine, Copake Lake NY, Columbia County in the Hudson Valley, Restaurant Review, Local, grass-fed, and organic ingredients, fireplace, Healthy options, Outdoor dining overlooking Copake Lake, The word is | Columbia Greens, The at Copake Country Club

  The Greens at Copake Country Club Restaurant and Bar, serving American cuisine, is located at 44 Golf Course Road, Copake Lake NY 12521, Columbia County in the Hudson Valley.

From Copake Country: "A brilliant dining experience awaits you at The Greens—a restaurant and bar serving club fare and finely prepared American cuisine. Whether or not a round of golf is your bag, or sitting near an outdoor fireplace at sunset with a cocktail in hand is your idea of heaven, you are encouraged to kick off your shoes and indulge in the pleasures of the season." Greens, The at Copake Country Club | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 Hudson Catering | Restaurant Caterers

12534, Ristorante, Italian food, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley, Restaurant Review, Local, grass-fed and organic ingredients, Outdoor dining on patio, The word is, stunning restaurant | Columbia Ca' Mea Ristorante

  Ca' Mea Ristorante, serving Italian food, is located at 333 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

From Ca’Mea: "In its ninth year on Hudson's famed Warren Street in NY's Columbia County Ca’Mea Restaurant and The Inn @ Ca’Mea have found a devoted clientele. Housed in a stunning historic landmark you will find locals, weekenders and visitors congregating at the mahogany and granite bar or sitting in one of the fragrant lush multi-leveled garden areas enjoying the magical River Valley twilight. The two interior dining rooms offer an elegant relaxed atmosphere to enjoy their award winning Northern Italian cuisine and warm hospitality. When you’re here you are home. Ca' Mea Ristorante | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .

12534, Vegan food, Hudson NY, Restaurant Review, Family Restaurant, Local, grass-fed, and organic ingredients, Outdoor seating, Serving breakfast and lunch, Vegan & Vegetarian options, The word is, excellent food, café, fresh and local ingredients | Columbia Earth Foods Café & Deli

  Earth Foods, serving an eclectic mix of International & Vegan food, is located at 523 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

Restaurant Review
Family Restaurant
Local, grass-fed, and organic ingredients
Outdoor seating
Serving breakfast and lunch
Vegan & Vegetarian options Earth Foods Café & Deli | Columbia restaurant review, more . . .

12534, French bistro, Hudson NY, Columbia County, Hudson River Valley, Authentic casual French ambiance, popular café | Columbia Le Gamin Country

  Le Gamin Country, a French bistro, is located at 609 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley. Le Gamin Country | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .

12534, Restaurant & Bar, New American cuisine, Hudson NY, Columbia County in the Hudson Valley, Outdoor Dining, Restaurant Review | Columbia Red Dot Restaurant & Bar

  Red Dot Restaurant & Bar, serving American cuisine, is located at 321 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson Valley.

From Red Dot: "We are the oldest continually operating Restaurant and Bar in Hudson NY, only one other may claim that title but if your idea of food is beef jerky and chips then we will secede that title.

"The Red Dot opened Bastille Day in 1999, on a block blighted by crack and prostitution. No antique stores but Carrie Haddad’s art gallery was open so we were not entirely alone, as was The Opera House, Steiners Sports Store, Smolinski’s a Bakery and a bar that I cannot recall it’s name. Red Dot Restaurant & Bar | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .

12534, Restaurant & Bar, Northern Italian restaurant, Tuscan cuisine, Hudson, NY,  Restaurant Review, Local and organic ingredients, Outdoor dining, Vegetarian,  amazing, Wonderful food, Italian cuisine, wines from Tuscany | Columbia Vico Restaurant & Bar

  Vico Restaurant & Bar, a Northern Italian restaurant serving Tuscan cuisine, is located at 136 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Vico: "Chef-owner Mark Ganem trained and worked in the Chianti region near Florence serving his inventive cuisine at a popular bed-and-breakfast to locals and travelers alike. He and Adam opened Vico in Hudson, NY in 2006. In addition to running the kitchen at Vico, Mark is also the Pets Editor of Vico Restaurant & Bar | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .

12534, Japanese cuisine, Warren Street, Hudson, NY, The word is, Delicious food, reasonable prices, Japanese on Warren Street, food was great and the fish is fresh | Columbia Wasabi

  Wasabi, serving Sushi and Traditional Japanese cuisine, is located at 807 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, Columbia County, in the upper-Hudson Valley. Wasabi | Columbia  more . . .

12534, Bistro, American, German comfort food, Warren Street, Hudson NY, American, comfort food, affordable prices, billiards, darts, and every game on our four large screen TVs, great place to hang out | Columbia Wunderbar Bistro

  Wunderbar Bistro, offering American and German comfort food, is located at 744 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley. Wunderbar Bistro | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 Philmont Catering | Restaurant Caterers

12565, Farm-to-Table, cuisine, Philmont, NY, Hudson Valley, local farms, restaurant, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, Local/Natural Ingredients, Outdoor, sidewalk dining, Sunday Brunch, great food, Restaurant Review | Columbia Local 111 "Farm-to-Table"

  Local 111, serving Farm-to-Table cuisine, is located at 111 Main Street, Philmont, NY 12565, Columbia County in the Hudson Valley; a rural area that abounds with local farms. From the owner: "Our small 39 seat restaurant is an adaptive reuse of an existing service station. We maintained the original bay structure of the building to preserve the sense of openness toward Main Street . . . Area farms supply the grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, rabbit and seasonal vegetables." Local 111  "Farm-to-Table" | Columbia restaurant review, website and more . . .

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Hudson Valley Catering Guide
Caterers and Catering Services
Restaurants offering Catering

The Hudson Valley Catering Guide offers a list of caterers in the Hudson Valley of New York. Find a local caterer for your next event, affair, or corporate meeting in the upper-Hudson Valley at Catering in Albany, Greene County, Columbia County, and Caterers in Rensselaer County.

If you are looking for the best caterer in the mid-Hudson Valley, select experienced caterers in Orange County, Ulster County, Putnam County, and Catering in Dutchess County.

For caterers in the lower-Hudson Valley counties of Rockland and Westchester, see Catering in Rockland County, and Catering in Westchester County.

Working with Restaurant Caterers
Find the best Caterers and Catering Services in the Hudson Valley. An experienced caterer helps to ensure that your next event is a success. Be sure that the caterer you select will be able to meet all of your catering needs. Select a caterer that you can trust from list of caterers in the Hudson Valley.

Find Catering Services to help you plan a corporate or private event such as:

    Corporate Clients
    Corporate Sales Events
    Corporate Conferences
    Corporate Meetings: breakfast, lunch or dinner

    Private Parties
    Anniversary Party
    Bar Mitzvah
    Bat Mitzvah

Many elegant restaurants will cater the party of your design at the location of your choice. The venue may be the restaurant, your home, or special place. Whether your next event is a holiday party, anniversary celebration, Bar Mitzvah, or special occasion, you can find that special restaurant to host your event.

Catering services often include organizing an entire event; from selecting the table cloth and flowers through to music selection and cuisine choices. The caterer may also be involved in selecting the "theme" of your event. An experienced catering company will present their client with innovative ideas in choice of

  • Venue (restaurant, private home, garden)

  • Food selection and presentation (organic food options, kosher food, etc.)

  • Flowers and decoration

  • Linens, Dishes, Glasses, and even cutlery

  • Photographers (Select a "formal" or "natural setting" for your photographs.)

  • Entertainment (Ensure the music is not so loud that your guests experience a hearing loss.)

  • Invitations

  • Introductions to their Staff

  • Additional items that you deem important to the success of your catered affair

Select your venue and book your event. Depending on the venue, you may need to reserve your location one year in advance. For smaller events, you can probably book a restaurant just a few months in advance. Once you have selected the venue for your event, find out if the location selected requires an in-house caterer or if you can select your own caterer. If you have the choice, decide on the caterer for your affair and reserve far in advance.

If dietary requirements are in play, be sure your caterer can cater a party that accommodates your guests. For example, if you are organic and want to cater an organic meal for your party, be sure your caterer understands this "healthy choice" requirement. Plan a tasting with your caterer to be sure the food meets your requirements.

Your caterer can give you ideas on the types of food appropriate for formal dinner parties to kitchen suppers.If you know your guests require organic or local food options, plan a menu around "healthy food options".Select a catering service you trust to cater your event successfully. Your caterer is also your event planner and may be involved in venue, entertainment, cuisine, color scheme, and menu - from appetizer through dessert and types of coffee served.

Once you've decided on who will cater your event and have reserved the date with the catering company, you should be able to set aside any concerns regarding your special occasion and know that your caterer will attend to every detail.

Caterers may have their own facilities from which to select. They can successfully plan and cater your special occasion from beginning to end. Your caterer should be available to address questions about small and large details, including:

Catering Tips

    Do you want an "all inclusive caterer" that supplies the venue, cuisine, valet service, flowers, entertainment, and anything else necessary to make your event successful?

    Do you want to select your venue and bring in a caterer to coordinate details from tablecloth selection to the final note of music?

    Do you want a caterer that can work on a pre-defined budget?

    Does your caterer work on a price-per-guest schedule or do they itemize some components of your event such as entertainment, flowers, valet service in addition to the price-per-guest cost?

Before signing a contract with your caterer and for "peace of mind" check the following,

  • Caterer is licensed and insured

  • Caterer's Better Business Bureau rating

  • Stop by an event in-progress by the company chosen to cater your event.

  • Review food options

    • Is food prepared on-site? If food is not prepared at the selected venue, how long does the food have to travel?

    • Ask about leftover food policy.

  • Review the selected venue and walk the event site from beginning of end.

  • How are gratuities decided?

  • What is the cancellation policy?

Select a caterer from the Hudson Valley Catering Guide.Review the above tips and select the caterer that best suits your event needs. Whether planning an intimate dinner for two or a fundraising event for hundreds, be sure that you've selected a caterer that can tailor your event to meet your individual taste and budget and attend to all the details necessary for a successful wedding, business meeting, special anniversary, or holiday celebration.

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