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Amenia Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12501, Winery, Restaurant, vineyard, winery, restaurant, award-winning table wines, a restaurant, Berkshire foothills, good food and wine, about Cascade Mountain Winery & Restaurant, Amenia NY, Hudson Valley | Dutchess Cascade Mountain Winery & Restaurant

  Cascade Mountain Winery & Restaurant is located at 835 Cascade Mountain Road, Amenia NY 12501 in the Hudson Valley. Cascade Mountain was founded in the spring of 1972 by the Wetmore family who pioneered the production of premium table wines on the eastern side of the Hudson River. Bill, along with his wife Margaret and their three children Charles, Michael and Joan, planted the vineyard in 1972, built the winery in 1977, and opened the restaurant in 1985. Cascade Mountain Winery & Restaurant | Dutchess  website and more . . .
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Beacon Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12508, Town Crier, Beacon, NY,  Dutchess County, Restaurant Review, American, Up-scale Pub food, Happy Hour, Live music venue, Local, organic and grass-fed options, The word is, first rate music venue,  pub-food, Farm-to-Table, iconic live music venue | Dutchess Towne Crier Café

  Towne Crier Café, a first rate music venue offering American comfort cuisine, is located at 379 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508 in Dutchess County.

From Towne Crier: "Live Americana, world music and jazz. Farm-fresh dining. The Towne Crier Café has been a Hudson Valley Landmark since 1972. As we celebrate our first anniversary in Beacon, we invite you to take a bow. We appreciate the great dining review in the NY Times and the Best of Hudson Valley award from Hudson Valley Magazine. But what has made it truly special is our vibrant community of music and food lovers. Thank you! –Phil" Towne Crier Café | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .
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Hyde Park Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12538, Diner, Hyde Park NY,  Dutchess County, Restaurant Review, Outdoor seating, "Real" maple syrup, The word is, above average diner food, real American diner retro setting | Dutchess Eveready Diner - Hyde Park "24/7"

  Eveready Diner is located at 4189 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park NY 12538, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From Eveready Diner: Recipe for American Nostalgia: Eat in Diners - Ride Trains - Put a porch on your house - Live in a walkable community - and God Bless America

"For nearly 40 years, it has been a pleasure and an honor serving the great community driven people of Hudson Valley.. The Original Eveready Diner is located in the historic town of Hyde Park, New York. Over the Years the Diner has become and institution, a landmark, and monumental to say the least. As our family grew larger, so did our family business. We now have three great locations: Hyde Park, Brewster, & Rhinebeck, New York. Eveready Diner - Hyde Park  "24/7" | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .

12538, Brewing Company, American food, great Beer, Hyde Park NY, Hudson Valley Craft Brewers, Brewing Process, Restaurant Review, Brewery (Craft Beer), Family Restaurant, Happy Hour, Live Music, Local ingredients, The word is, classic brewpub | Dutchess Hyde Park Brewing Company

  Hyde Park Brewing Company, serving Traditional American food and great Beer, is located at 4076 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park NY 12538, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

About Hyde Park Brewing: “Anytime is a good time for a beer” at the Hyde Park Brewing Company. This has been our motto since we became Hudson Valley Craft Brewers in April 1995. Our brewmaster, John Eccles, incorporates techniques passed down from 19th century German brewing style. Each beer has it’s own unique flavor profile and characteristics. All natural, fresh, clean and delicious - the way beer is meant to be enjoyed. Our selection offers a number of fine beers to compliment the wide variety of dishes we have to offer. We are certain that you will enjoy our varied menu and we are pleased to announce our affiliation with various local Hudson Valley farms, supplying us with all-natural beef, pork, lamb and poultry." Hyde Park Brewing Company | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .
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Milan Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12571, finer diner, Milan NY, Dutchess County, humanely raised by local farmers, small local farmers, Restaurant Review, Local, grass-fed and Grass-fed and organic ingredients, Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Sunday Brunch, The word is | Dutchess Another Fork In The Road "Diner"

  Another Fork In The Road, a finer diner, is located at 1215 Route 199, Milan NY 12571, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From Another Fork in The Road: "We support our local agriculture, businesses, artisans and folks. Another Fork diner serves meat that is humanely raised by local farmers, produce comes from small local farmers when we can get it, and serve milk that is local and hormone free. . . . We cure our own meats, make our own sausages and cut our own fries". Another Fork In The Road  "Diner" | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .
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Millbrook Village Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12545, Restaurant, Millbrook NY, local seasonal ingredients, Outdoor patio dining, Restaurant Review, wood-burning fireplaces, Outdoor dining on patio, WiFi , The word is, Attractive restaurant and grounds | Dutchess Charlotte's

  Charlotte's Restaurant is located at 4258 Route 44, Millbrook NY 12545, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From Charlotte's: "Lush, rolling soft green hills, thoroughbreds at play and a spectacular mountain sunset provides the backdrop for an incredible dining experience at Charlotte's. All our foods are prepared from the finest, local seasonal ingredients. Utilizing some of the Hudson Valley's tastiest native offerings, we prepare daily specials which capture the essence of the seasons. Outdoor patio dining in warmer weather is perfect for one of our chilled soups or one of our selections from the grill. Enjoy hearthside dining by one of our four wood-burning fireplaces during the colder seasons and feast on a selection of one of our hearty local game offerings. Charlotte's also features an award winning wine list with the finest selection of wines in the Hudson Valley to accompany your meal." Charlotte's | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .
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Pawling Village Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12564, Fine Foods, Café, Bakery, New American cuisine, village of Pawling, Pawling pub, Excellent food, warm, friendly, baked goods, Restaurant Review | Dutchess McKinney & Doyle - Fine Foods Cafe & Bakery

  McKinney & Doyle, Fine Foods Cafe and Bakery, serving New American cuisine, is located at 10 Charles Coleman Blvd., Pawling NY 12564, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From McKinney & Doyle: "Shannon McKinney and Brian Doyle are both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America. In 1986, they decided there was a great need for an old-fashioned bakery that still made everything from scratch using only the finest, freshest ingredients. McKinney & Doyle - Fine Foods Cafe & Bakery | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .
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Poughkeepsie Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12603, New American cuisine, River Towns of Dutchess County, The word is, pub atmosphere, popular restaurant near Vassar, reasonable prices, Restaurant Review, The word is,  Great pub atmosphere and good beer | Dutchess Beech Tree Grill

  Beech Tree Grill, serving Traditional American food, is located at 1 Collegeview Ave., Poughkeepsie NY 12603, in one of the Hudson Valley River Towns.

From Beech Tree Grill: "Located in the Arlington section of Poughkeepsie, near Vassar College, the Beech Tree Grill has been serving fine food and drink since 1991. With a concentration on seasonal craft beers, complimented by a diverse wine list, the Beech Tree is a great 'anytime' place.

"Focusing on seasonal local food, the Beech Tree presents approachable, well executed regular menu items, and offers 8-10 specials every night for the more adventurous eaters. In addition to in house fabrication of our meats and seafood, we also make our own charcuterie item, from our salmon and turkey to soppresatta and pate. So whether it's a burger and beer night out or a three course dinner with friends, the Beech Tree is great anytime." Beech Tree Grill | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .

12601, pizza, pub food, Traditional American menu, Poughkeepsie NY,  landmark in Poughkeepsie, Restaurant Review, Gluten Free Menu, Happy Hour, Late hours, Live Music, Sunday Brunch, Trivia night, WiFi = Free, The word is | Dutchess Brown Derby

  The Brown Derby, serving pizza, pub food, and a Traditional American menu, is located at 96 Main Street, Poughkeepsie NY 12601, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From The Derby: "The Derby has been a landmark in Poughkeepsie for more than 80 years. In December of 2008, The Derby reopened its doors under the new ownership of Jim Milano, Jon Memmoli and Michael Perez with aspirations of elevating this classic eatery to its fullest potential. We hope that the combination of our modern American cuisine and the classic undertones of the dark woodwork, polished brass, authentic stained glass and original oak and mahogany bar make for a perfect dining experience." Brown Derby | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .

12601, Diner, serving 24/7, fresh fish and produce, bakery, made from scratch, fresh food, menus, take out, Marist College, St. Francis Hospital, Poughkeepsie NY,  Dutchess County, Hudson River Valley | Dutchess Palace Diner "Open 24/7"

  The Palace Diner, serving 24/7, is located at 194 Washington Street, in the historic downtown district of Poughkeepsie NY 12601, Dutchess County in the Hudson River Valley.

From The Palace: "Located in the historic downtown district of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., right next door to Marist College and St. Francis Hospital, The Palace Diner restaurant hasbeen a landmark establishment since 1981. Owned and operated by the Vanikiotis family, The Palace Diner offers delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere to all who pass through her doors. Palace Diner  "Open 24/7" | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .

12603, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 in Dutchess County | Dutchess Uno Pizzeria & Grill - Poughkeepsie

  Uno Pizzeria & Grill is located at 842 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 in Dutchess County.

From Uno Pizzeria & Grill: "Today, Uno® still draws its identity and inspiration from the artisan heritage of the original. Each restaurant still makes their deep dish pizza dough fresh every morning. With the times, Uno® is adjusting its menu to how people want to live their lives. It will always be about amazing flavor and wonderful menus that have the right balance between indulgent treats and delicious and nutritious choices. In this way our guests can enjoy Uno® in a way that fits their mood and lifestyle and that of their families when and where it makes sense. It's all about them and we get that."

The word is Before selecting any item to eat, click Nutrition, Calories and Ingredients. Many food selections contain a longer list of chemicals than of actual food ingredients. Uno Pizzeria & Grill - Poughkeepsie | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .
 All Red Hook Listings  

Red Hook Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12571, Village Diner, Red Hook NY, Dutchess County, Hudson Valley, History, American roadside architecture, restaurant, Restaurant Review, The word is, great coffee and delicious breakfasts served all day long | Dutchess Historic Village Diner

  The Historic Village Diner is located at 7550 North Broadway, Red Hook NY 12571, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From Historic Village Diner: "The "Historic" Village Diner is significant as a distinctive example of early-twentieth century American roadside architecture surviving exceptionally intact from its date of manufacture in the 1920's. It embodies distinguishing characteristics of the type and period in its streamlined metal railroad dining car inspired design, which was intended to evoke, at once, the ideas of travel, food, cleanliness and modern efficiency. Historic Village Diner | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .
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Rhinebeck Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12572, Tavern, Traditional American food, Rhinebeck NY, Restaurant Review, 
Historic building, Outdoor dining on patio, Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, Tap Room, The word is, Good food at good value | Dutchess Foster's Coach House Tavern

  Foster's Coach House Tavern, serving Traditional American food, is located at 6411 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck NY 12572 in Dutchess County.

From Foster's: "Foster's Coach House Tavern, originally called 'The Village Tavern' was built by Walter Decker in 1890. Wally Foster bought the Tavern after World War II and rebuilt the interior as it still remains today. Unique horse stalls serve as dining booths and famous racing pictures and bits cover the walls. The coach was originally owned by Levi P. Morton, Vice President of the United States under Benjamin Harrison. One of Mr. Foster's famous customers was Col. Jacob Ruppert, the beer baron king. Foster's Coach House Tavern | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .

12572, Restaurant, diner, Rhinebeck, NY, Great diner food, good place for breakfast | Dutchess Pete's Famous Restaurant "Diner"

  Pete's Famous Restaurant, a diner, is located at 34 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY 12572 in Dutchess County. Pete's Famous Restaurant  "Diner" | Dutchess restaurant review, more . . .
 All Rhinecliff Listings  

Rhinecliff Restaurants

 - American Traditional

12574, Boutique Country Hotel, Rhinecliff NY, New York City getaway, Restaurant Review, Bar & Restaurant, Boutique Hotel, English breakfast, Farm-to-Table cuisine, Sunday Brunch, The word is, beautiful getaway, close to a Metro North stop | Dutchess Rhinecliff Hotel and Restaurant "Boutique Hotel"

  The Rhinecliff is a Boutique Country Hotel located at 4 Grinnell Street, Rhinecliff NY 12574, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley. For a New York getaway, you can take the train to the Rhinecliff Hotel, right next door to the Rhinecliff Amtrak station and 2 miles from the historic town of Rhinebeck.

From The Rhinecliff: "The Rhinecliff is a Boutique Country Hotel conveniently tucked away just next door to the Rhinecliff Amtrak station, 2 miles from the Historic town of Rhinebeck, renowned for its charm, boutiques, antiquing and country fairs. The Rhinecliff offers gorgeous river views from every angle. Join us for your weekend or mid-week getaway. The Rhinecliff is the premier wedding location in the Hudson Valley with its spectacular views of the Hudson River." Rhinecliff Hotel and Restaurant  "Boutique Hotel" | Dutchess  website and more . . .

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