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heron, migratory birds, National Audubon Society, Attractions, wildlife observation, kayak, canoe launch, Things to Do, Birding, Canoeing Kayaking, Hiking Walking Trails, Nature Study,  nature study, local farms in the Hudson Valley, restaurants in Greene | Greene RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary "Scenic Hudson Valley"

  RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary
Catskill, Greene County
Hudson River Valley, New York State

From Scenic Hudson: "A swamp may not have the cachet of a mountain peak or thundering waterfall, but what it lacks in grandeur it more than makes up for in the diversity of wildlife it attracts. Plus, as RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary proves, swamps can be exceedingly beautiful. A hike through wildflower-filled lowlands, alongside rustling marsh grasses and over intriguing rock outcroppings in its upland forest will linger in your memory long after the boots have been unlaced. RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary  "Scenic Hudson Valley" | Greene  website and more . . .

12414, National Historic Site, Thomas Cole, pristine landscape paintings, Hudson River School, Cole, artists of the Hudson River School, artists, Historic Site, about the Hudson River School, Thomas Cole’s paintings, Catskill | Greene Thomas Cole "Historic Site"

  The Thomas Cole National Historic Site is located at 218 Spring Street, near the western entrance to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, in the village of Catskill NY 12414, Greene County in the Hudson Valley.

"Visit the Thomas Cole Historic Site and join a guided tour of Cole’s home and studio, see the film about his art, stroll through the flower gardens and enjoy the sweeping view of the Catskill Mountains. Take in a special lecture about the Hudson River School, or take a short drive to the magnificent nearby places seen in Thomas Cole’s paintings.

"In the early nineteenth century, many in this country were searching for a style of art that they could call their own. Painter, poet, and essayist Thomas Cole (1801-1848) responded to this quest by creating pristine landscape paintings unlike any yet seen in America. His vision of wild and untouched scenery with majestic mountains and tangled forests stood in stark contrast to the gentle landscape images that had come before. Thomas Cole  "Historic Site" | Greene  website and more . . .
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 Coxsackie Scenic Hudson Valley

Hudson, Coxsackie, Native American tool-making workshop, park, observation platform, habitat for birds and amphibians, fishing, kayak, picnic, Things to Do, Bird Watching, Fishing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Picnicking, Winter Activities, Cross county skiing | Greene Four Mile Point "Scenic Hudson Valley"

  Four Mile Point
Town of Coxsackie, Greene County
Hudson River Valley, New York State

Scenic Hudson saved this riverfront parcel from development

From Scenic Hudson: "Located midway in the Hudson River's eight-mile course between Hudson and Coxsackie (hence its name), Four-Mile Point long was a hive of activity. For 6,000 years, it was the site of a Native American tool-making workshop; the long stone blades fashioned here were used to butcher fish and game. In the 19th century, a large icehouse stored frozen blocks cut from the river — as much as 55,000 tons worth — awaiting shipment to Manhattan during warmer months. While traces of this bustling past remain, the land now invites more tranquil pursuits. In fact for a small park, there's an awful lot to explore. An observation platform invites up-close inspection of a small wetland that furnishes critical habitat for birds and amphibians. Grand Hudson River views await those who reach a bluff-top overlook. And the walk is all downhill to the piece de resistance — the river itself, where a fishing pole, a kayak or a picnic would come in handy, but none are necessary to savor the scenic splendor." Four Mile Point  "Scenic Hudson Valley" | Greene  website and more . . .
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 Greene County Scenic Hudson Valley

Hunter-West Kill Wilderness, Catskill Forest Preserve, Lexington and Hunter in Greene County, challenging hike of 25.2 miles, challenging trail, source of information, directions and parking areas, Things to Do at Hunter-West Kill Wilderness | Greene Devil's Path at Hunter-West Kill Wilderness Area - Greene

  The Devil's Path, a 25.2 mile hike in Hunter-West Kill Wilderness in the Catskill Forest Preserve, is located in the towns of Lexington and Hunter in Greene County.

Distance: 25.2 miles
Markers: Red
Difficulty: Challenging Devil's Path at Hunter-West Kill Wilderness Area - Greene | Greene  website and more . . .

Hudson Highlands, Hudson River is an estuary, things to do in the Hudson Highlands, outdoor activities, fishing, boating, hiking, hike, Hikes, Things to Do, Birding, Bird Watching, Boat Rentals, Boating, Fishing, Hiking Trails, Historic Places | Greene Hudson Highlands

  Click to enlarge photo of the Hudson Highlands.

Click to enlarge photo of the Hudson Highlands The sign reads:
"For much of its 315-mile course, the Hudson River flows straight and broad. But at the Highlands, the Appalachian mountain chain intersects the river to create a fifteen mile stretch of rugged, mountainous landscape. This area contains the river's narrowest and deepest points, as well as its fastest currents. The Hudson River is an estuary, a mixture of salt and freshwater, and the saltwater line extends just north of Beacon. The River is tidal all the way up to the Troy Dam above Albany." Hudson Highlands | Greene  website and more . . .

Long Path Trail 21 - 26: Hiking / Biking Central Catskills

  Long Path Trail 21 - 26: Hiking / Biking Central Catskills

"Once out of the southern parts of the Catskills, the Long Path enters the more well traveled and civilized regions. The trail joins the Devil's Path, one of the most strenuous hiking trails in New York, and passes near the former sites of two large hotels. Both hotels played a huge role in the development and then subsequent protection of the Catskills as an area "forever wild" to be spared from logging and other encroachments of civilization on nature. North Lake State Campground now occupies the land owned by both hotels in order to preserve the landmarks and vistas seen by the rich and famous when the Catskills were "the" place to go to for travel and vacation. The trail also passes a bounty of waterfalls, some directly on the trail and some nearby. Kaaterskill Falls, a short distance from North Lake State Campground, has two major drops, each a major waterfall in its own right, that add up to the tallest falls in New York State." Long Path Trail 21 - 26:  Hiking / Biking  Central Catskills | Greene  more . . .
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 Hunter Scenic Hudson Valley

12442, Fire Tower, Hunter, NY, Catskill Forest Preserve, Things to Do at Hunter Mountain Fire Tower, 
Hiking, Photo Opportunities, Scenic Views, Winter Activities, Cross-Country Skiing, Skiing, Snowshoeing | Greene Hunter Mountain Fire Tower

  The Hunter Mountain Fire Tower, built in 1917, is located in the Town of Hunter, NY 12442 in Greene County.

Distance 4.2 miles
Markers: Yellow and Blue
Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging
Elevation: 4,040 feet. Ascent - 900 feet

Hunter Mountain Fire Tower
Hunter Mountain Fire Tower, located on the second highest mountain in the Catskills, at 4,040 feet, offers stunning panoramic views of the Catskill Forest Preserve.

"The easiest trail to Hunter Mountain Fire Tower starts at the Hunter Mt. Ski Center chairlift. It goes through deciduous forests to boreal balsam fir/red spruce forests that have been snapped off and stunted by high winds and icy winters. The 60 foot steel tower, built in 1917, may be climbed to just below the cab." Hunter Mountain Fire Tower | Greene  website and more . . .

12442, Catskill Mountains, Greene County, two-drop waterfall, Catskill Mountains of New York, higher waterfalls, New York, tourist attractions, Hudson River School,  American landscape painting, Hiking through the Catskills, Bastion Falls | Greene Kaaterskill Falls

  Kaaterskill Falls is located in the Catskill Mountains, in the town of Hunter 12442, Greene County in the Hudson Valley. Kaaterskill Falls is one of America's oldest tourist attractions, appearing in some of the most prominent books, essays, poems and paintings of the early 19th century. Long before Alexis de Tocqueville's famous essay on America, Kaaterskill Falls was lauded as a place where a traveler could see a wilder image, a sort of primeval Eden. Beginning with Thomas Cole's first visit in 1825, they became an icon subject for painters of the Hudson River School, setting the wilderness ideal for American landscape painting. The Falls also inspired "Catterskill Falls", a poem by William Cullen Bryant. Kaaterskill Falls | Greene  website and more . . .

12442, Ashley Falls, Hunter, NY, Greene County, Good for small children, short hike, parents with small children who want to avoid hiking near open ledges, Things to Do at Mary's Glen and Ashley Falls, Hiking, Waterfall, Winter Activities | Greene Mary's Glen and Ashley Falls

  Mary's Glen and Ashley Falls in the Catskill Forest Preserve is located in Hunter, NY 12442 in Greene County.

Distance: 0.6 miles
Difficulty: Good for small children
Markers: Red and Yellow
Elevation: 20 feet ascent

Mary's Glen and Ashley Falls
"This short hike starts at a cobbled streambed, and it's good for parents with small children who want to avoid hiking near open ledges. The hike goes through lovely, wooded Mary's Glen, then alongside a beaver meadow to the base of a heavily forested cascade known as Ashley Falls." Mary's Glen and Ashley Falls | Greene  website and more . . .
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 Jewett Scenic Hudson Valley

12444, Lake, Jewett, NY, Colgate Lake, Things to Do at Colgate Lake, Boating, Hiking, Photo Opportunities, Winter Activities, Cross-Country Skiing, Skiing, Snowshoeing | Greene Colgate Lake

  Colgate Lake, 26-acres in size, in Colgate Lake Wild Forest in the Catskill Forest Preserve, is located in the Town of Jewett, NY 12444 in Greene County.

Distance: 2.35 to Beaver Wetland
Difficulty: Easy
Markers: Yellow

Colgate Lake
"The 1500-acre Colgate Lake Wild Forest features the scenic Colgate Lake in the Catskill Forest Preserve. The Lake is a popular lake for fishing, kayaking and primitive camping. The yellow marked Colgate Lake Trail travels just over 4 miles to Dutcher Notch and the Escarpment Trail. The wild forest is surrounded by the Windham Blackhead Range Wilderness Area on three sides. Colgate Lake | Greene  website and more . . .

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Scenic Drives and Scenic Views
Hudson Valley
Hudson River Valley

Take a scenic drive through the Hudson Valley of New York. Enjoy beautiful lakes, reservoirs, and mountains throughout the Hudson Valley landscape. See the stunning mountains, valleys, and lakes of the Hudson River Valley. Allow your senses to take-in the natural beauty of the rivers and mountain backdrops; photograph the views.

If you're visiting or live in New York City, in approximately one hour you can be in Westchester or Rockland County in the most southern part of the Hudson Valley where you can see dine overlooking the Hudson. Find restaurants with waterfront views in Westchester and restaurants with waterfront views in Rockland County.

    Visit the charming shops and villages in the River Towns along the Hudson River. For family fun, visit the playground in Matthiessen Park in Irvington, NY. Young kids and toddlers love the playground and older kids and adults can enjoy the coastline along the Hudson at Matthiessen Park. Picnic tables are available for a wonderful snack or lunch overlooking the Hudson River.

    Visit Cross River Reservoir where you can go boating and fishing in the quiet and serene waters of the reservoir. Don't forget fishing gear for a relaxing day of fishing in the Cross River Reservoir.

If you're taking a scenic drive through Westchester and are looking for fun things to do to keep the kids happy, plan a family day-trip to one of the beautiful parks along the Hudson River or the Long Island Sound. Go fishing in Westchester, or boating in Westchester, or just relax and picnic at a Westchester County park. On hot days of summer, cool off in one of many swimming pools and beaches available throughout Westchester County.

Moving up the river, drive along Route 202W/6W and enjoy spectacular views of the Hudson Highlands. Park the car at this scenic view, one mile from the Bear Mountain Bridge, and take in the magnificent views of Bear Mountain.

    Continue driving north until you reach the charming Village of Cold Spring. Spend a day in the historic Village of Cold Spring. In 1973, the Village of Cold Spring, New York was designated a Federal Historic District, and tourists have been visiting Cold Spring’s historic sites, shops, restaurants and hiking trails since.
Driving further north, up the river, visit Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park. This 14,086-acre park, covering Putnam and Dutchess counties, boasts
and on the hot days of summer, you can go swimming at Fahnestock beach.

    Fun things to do in the winter with the family in Putnam, NY, include visiting Fahnestock Winter Park. Bundle up and go sledding and snowboarding at Fahnestock Winter Park in Putnam and Dutchess counties.

Driving further north in Putnam you'll enter Dutchess County. Dutchess offers many scenic spots, including,

  • Beacon Point, the future home of a cutting-edge "Green" hotel/conference center.

  • Madam Brett Park.
  • This 12-acre park in Beacon connects to the "Beacon Shoreline Trail" providing a link between Dennings Point, Long Dock Beacon and the Beacon train station. Madam Brett Park is an urban oasis along the Fishkill Creek in Beacon featuring tranquil trails and a waterfall.

  • Shaupeneak Ridge , offering great hiking and mountain biking, is a 570-acre park that can be used by educators as an outdoor classroom.

  • Poets' Walk, a 120-acre park nestled in the region's famous National Historic Landmark District. Poets' Walk offers breathtaking views of the Hudson River, Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge and Catskill Mountains. A visit to this property by Washington Irving is said to have inspired his classic story "Rip Van Winkle".
North of Dutchess County is Columbia County, home to Lake Taghkanic State Park. Lake Tahkanic Park was named one of the Top 100 Campgrounds in the nation. The park is nestled next to Lake Taghkanic in the rolling hills and lush forests of Columbia, New York. Columbia is also home to many local farms, CSA farms, and pick-your-own farms. While picking organic produce in Columbia County, look up at the very beautiful views and rolling hills all around you.

In autumn, the backdrop of breathtaking fall colors enhances hiking, biking, and walking in the parks of the Hudson River Valley. Explore scenic parks offering activities and attractions for the whole family. While taking a scenic drive through the Hudson Valley, visit parks, nature preserves, hiking trails, biking trails, and more; all very beautiful and abundant in the Hudson Valley of New York.

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