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12485, Antiques & Cheese Café, Tannersville, NY, Restaurant Review, Antiques, Bakery and Breads, Craft Beer, Family Restaurant, Outdoor Dining, 
Vegetarian options, The word is,  gourmet shop, cheese, chocolates, vintage candy | Greene Last Chance Café

  Last Chance Antiques & Cheese Café is located at 6009 Main Street, Tannersville, NY 12485 in Greene County.

From Last Chance: "This casual spot, with a country-store ambience, is part restaurant, part antiques, gifts, and gourmet foods shop. It’s decorated with hanging musical instruments and antiques, and it has a deli with a few tables and an enclosed patio dining area. The menu is surprisingly diverse. Start with a homemade soup, or perhaps cheese fondue or a nice, large salad, followed by specialty sandwiches, light fare like quiches, or go whole hog with substantial entrees, such as St. Louis ribs, meatloaf, or stuffed filet of sole. An even bigger surprise is that this little place has a phenomenal beer list to go with 100 imported cheeses: Choose from among 300 imported beers, including several very select Belgians. Come join us for great food and enjoy our unmatched selection of 300 beers and 100 cheeses from around the world." Last Chance Café | Greene  website and more . . .

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