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Public Schools and School Districts - Hudson Valley

Westchester County is credited with some of the best public schools in the country. Find comprehensive information about individual schools in Westchester and school districts in Westchester County. Learn about grades k-12 within your town. Review school district programs; from elementary school through middle school and then high school. Schools are listed by school district within town. For example: Byram Hills High School is listed within the Byram Hills Central School District within the town of Armonk. For ease of use, each school is listed with a telephone number and a link to each individual school's website.

Each public school and school district is listed for your review at the Public Schools and School Districts section of Review kindergarten programs, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, BOCES, and more. Get to know about your public school district. Find information about class size, pupil-teacher ratios, Special Ed programs, and school report cards. Review school districts in Westchester County.

Over 40 school districts and more than 60 towns are listed at the Public Schools and School Districts section of School information is displayed by public school and school district within each town. Find your location (hamlet, town, city) and review the one or more school districts listed. Many locations within Westchester County have public schools in more than one school district. Select your town and review the schools within your own community. For example: explore school districts and individual schools that service the hamlets of Bedford Village and Katonah in the municipality of Bedford. Or, perhaps you're interested in the town of Chappaqua in the municipality of New Castle; or the city of Yonkers in the municipality of Yonkers? Find your town and learn about the schools in your community.

Also, check Westchester Demographics and demographic definitions, for a town, city, or municipality in Westchester County. Review statistics such as: expenditures per Student, students per teacher, students per Guidance Counselor, students per Librarian.

Students and Parents Perhaps you're deciding on a new home and want to learn about several school districts within Westchester County. Select the towns that you are considering for your new home. If you are considering Armonk, Bedford, Chappaqua, Pound Ridge, Scarsdale, White Plains, or any other of Westchester County's many excellent school districts, select that community under School Districts at Explore Westchester County School Districts.

Learn about individual schools within the School District. Meet the School Districts' Superintendent, Administration, Board of Education, PTA. Review each schools Report Card. Examine the programs and learning resources that each of the various schools have to offer. Once you've decided on a hamlet, town, or city that will become your home, check out your town in depth by selecting Town Information.

    Examine School Report Cards Review school staffing and view specific information about each elementary school, middle school, high school, or schools that cover Continuing Education, Technical schools, Performing Arts or other specialties.

    Superintendent's Office Learn about your district's Superintendent. The Superintendent of Schools is the Board of Education's executive officer and District's educational leader. The Superintendent advises the Board on broad direction for the academic and non-academic program and works with the staff to translate policy into action. The Superintendent also monitors programs and provides the Board information to perform their oversight function. Superintendents also provide a final level of appeal for administrative decisions.

    The Board of Education is the policy-making body of the School District, responsible for the general supervision of the schools. To review the Board of Education members, policies and general information, press the School District's "Blue Button" and press the Board of Education link.

    The Parent Teacher Association of a school is a non-partisan, volunteer organization that joins parents and teachers in a common enterprise to enhance the education and enrich the lives of the children. Generally, this goal is accomplished by sponsoring specific programs for the students, sharing parenting support, providing information to parents about the school and activities, and creating opportunities for administration, teachers, parents, and students to work together and communicate with one another. PTA Meetings are open to everyone. Programs cover a variety of topics and may include outside speakers as well as school or district personnel. To find out more about your school's PTA, press the School link within each School District's section, and then press the link to that school's Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

    Special Education Department
    The over-riding principle by which Special Education operates is to offer services in the least restrictive environment. This means, services are provided to the maximum extent appropriate, providing an education in the same manner as it is provided to every other child, alongside peers in a general educational environment, in their home district, in their home classrooms. Only if a multi-disciplinary team concludes that a child’s needs are not being addressed in the general classroom will that child be placed in a special education setting for some part or all of the day.

      Individual Educational Plan (IEP) An IEP addresses the unique needs of the individual learner. IEPs are drawn up for all children who have difficulties affecting their ability to learn. The IEP for every student is reviewed annually. Depending on circumstances, an IEP may be reviewed several times a year. Many Districts conduct a comprehensive re-evaluation every three years.

      Find out what programs are available in Special Education within a district. Click on individual schools and research the Special Ed department for that school. Determine if programs are available that meet your child's special needs.

    Athletic Department
    Many school websites have an Athletic Department section. Learn about each school's coaching staff, teams, and the sports available within a school. Learn about the qualifications of the Director of Health, Health Services, Physical Education and Athletics.

    Employment Opportunities
    School District websites often list job opportunities available within their district.

      The Office of Personnel and Administrative Services within each school district offer many opportunities for teachers, nurses, administrators, secretarial staff, custodial staff, bus drivers, paraprofessionals and other support staff.

      For employment and job opportunities, select the school district in which you are interested. Press the "Blue Button" and explore each district. For "positions available" press Human Resources or any other appropriate category within the School District menu.

    The following educational summary is credited to
    "Westchester residents and businesses alike recognize that their most valuable resource is human capital and invest accordingly. The county’s outstanding educational facilities provide excellence at all levels, from pre-school to post-graduate, and include technical and vocational skills development. Westchester’s forty-plus school districts reflect the diversity of the county in many ways, and all share a mutual commitment to excellence and achievement. School districts vary in enrollment size, from smaller village districts to larger urban systems.

    Expenditures per pupil are substantial throughout the county. Pupil/teacher ratios are kept low, and support personnel and services are extensive. Westchester continues to attract well qualified professionals to staff its schools. Many teachers are educated at the master’s level and beyond and continue to participate in ongoing professional activities. Four Westchester schools were among the 12 in New York to win recognition in the 1994-95 Blue Ribbon Schools Program sponsored by the US Department of Education.

    Westchester’s school districts are in the vanguard of innovative educational concepts and programs. Involvement, commitment and support on the part of teachers, administrators, parents, local business and government leaders have created dynamic and stimulating learning environments to accommodate the plurality of needs and talents in the student population. Within New York State, Westchester students excel in the Regents examinations, pupil evaluation programs and preliminary competency tests. SAT scores in the county exceed state and national averages, and an exceptionally large proportion of students take the exam. Most Westchester high school students go on to college, with some districts reporting close to or 100 percent enrollment.

    For those students wishing to enter the workforce directly, many vocational programs are offered within local school districts and through the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). These programs include Occupational Education, Special Education, Instructional Services, Information Systems and Interscholastic Athletics and Transportation Services. In addition, Westchester County contains several Special Act Districts, which provide unique educational and therapeutic opportunities to students, between the ages of five (5) and twenty-one (21), who have experienced difficulty in previous school settings.

    Westchester County offers a choice of private elementary and secondary schools as well. Among these are a number of culturally-oriented institutions, such as the German School, the French-American school and Keio High School, a Japanese high school, indications of Westchester’s increasingly global population.

    The county is home to more than twenty post-secondary schools, almost all of which grant degrees. In addition, several business schools offer certificate programs."

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