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12518, Mexican food, Cornwall NY, Orange County in the Hudson Valley, Good Mexican food, Outdoor Dining, tableside guacamole, Restaurant Review | Orange Avocado

  Avocado, serving Mexican food, is located at 2576 Route 9W, Cornwall NY 12518, Orange County in the Hudson Valley.

From Avocado: "It’s our pleasure to have the opportunity to treat you and your family to our take on traditional Mexican cuisine. We offer a variety of family recipes and incorporate innovative techniques and fresh and local ingredients to create dishes such as: our chips and salsa made fresh throughout the day (to ensure their addictive flavor), our famous Guacamole prepared table-side, the ingenious Avocado Fries, the little known Flautas de Pauto, our tender Cochinita Pibil, the mouth watering Stuffed Pineapple and other authentic dishes composed using classic Mexican sauces like our Mole Poblano, our Green Tomatillo, or our Smoky Chipotle sauce which play a big part in accentuating some of your favorite dishes which showcase the exotic, bold and robust flavors of authentic Mexican food. Avocado | Orange restaurant review, website and more . . .

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Restaurants - Mexican Cuisine Restaurants - Mexican Cuisine | Cornwall-on-Hudson Restaurants - Mexican Cuisine | Orange Restaurants - Mexican Cuisine | Hudson Valley
Outdoor Dining Outdoor Dining | Cornwall-on-Hudson Outdoor Dining | Orange Outdoor Dining | Hudson Valley

12518, Inn, Continental cuisine, Swiss flavor, mid-Hudson Valley, Outdoor dining, terrace overlooking the brook, Two fireplaces, romantic date, dining room fireplaces, al fresco dining on the terrace, Restaurant Review | Orange Canterbury Brook Inn

  Canterbury Brook Inn, serving Swiss and American cuisine, is located at 331 Main Street, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12518, Orange County in the mid-Hudson Valley.

From Canterbury Inn: "Chef and Owner Hans Baumann serves authentic Swiss and American Cuisine nightly from Tuesday through Saturday. Now approaching it’s 20th year in this historic location, Canterbury Brook Inn offers diners traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue, Wienerchnitzel, Bratwurst with Rosti, all artfully crafted in a quaint country setting. From the rustic dining room, dark wood beamed European tap room, multiple fireplaces or the ‘al fresco’ patio overlooking the Idlewild Brook diners find an ambiance suitable to all seasons." Canterbury Brook Inn | Orange restaurant review, website and more . . .

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Restaurants - American New | Contemporary American Contemporary American | Cornwall-on-Hudson Restaurants - American New | Orange Contemporary American | Hudson Valley
Restaurants - European & Continental Restaurants - European & Continental | Cornwall-on-Hudson Restaurants - European & Continental | Orange Restaurants - European & Continental | Hudson Valley
Catering | Restaurant Caterers Restaurant Caterers | Cornwall-on-Hudson Catering | Orange Restaurant Caterers | Hudson Valley
Fireplace Fireplace | Cornwall-on-Hudson Fireplace | Orange Fireplace | Hudson Valley
Outdoor Dining Outdoor Dining | Cornwall-on-Hudson Outdoor Dining | Orange Outdoor Dining | Hudson Valley

12518, food market, Cornwall NY, Orange County, Food Market Review, Beer, Deli, Gift-Baskets, Gluten-free products, Gourmet and Specialty items, Local and organic produce, Sushi Bar | Orange DeCicco’s Marketplace - Cornwall

  DeCicco’s, a food market, is located at 15 Quaker Road, Cornwall, NY 12518 in Orange County.

From DeCicco's: "Started in 1972 by John, Joe, and Frank DeCicco in a tiny storefront in the Bronx, DeCicco’s grew slowly but surely into the thriving business we know today with the help of the rest of the DeCicco family. With a lot of hard work, customer satisfaction, superior service and a constant presence of the best food options available on the market, DeCicco’s built itself a well-cemented reputation of being the food market of choice for those who have a serious love for food and cooking in general." DeCicco’s Marketplace - Cornwall | Orange  website and more . . .

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Craft Beer | Brewery Brewery | Cornwall-on-Hudson Craft Beer | Orange Brewery | Hudson Valley
Gluten-Free Options Gluten-Free Options | Cornwall-on-Hudson Gluten-Free Options | Orange Gluten-Free Options | Hudson Valley
Gifts | Crafts Crafts | Cornwall-on-Hudson Gifts | Orange Crafts | Hudson Valley
Grass-Fed | Organic Foods Organic Foods | Cornwall-on-Hudson Grass-Fed | Orange Organic Foods | Hudson Valley
Grocery Stores & Supermarkets Food Stores | Cornwall-on-Hudson Grocery Stores & Supermarkets | Orange Food Stores | Hudson Valley

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Orange County

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New American cuisine has its roots in California cuisine. New American food, often similar to Contemporary American, emphasizes a seasonal menu. Dishes are often created based on the availability of fresh ingredients from local farmers and ranchers.

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Mexican food varies by region. Recipes and ingredients from many countries such as Africa, South America, and France influenced Mexican food. Select from a list of many fine Mexican restaurants in Westchester County and the Hudson River Valley.

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