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Boating on the Hudson River near Bear Mountain Bridge


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Click to enlarge photo of Pond at the Manitou Train Station.

Click to enlarge photo of Pond at the Manitou Train Station If you are waiting for a train at the Manitou Train Station, or have just arrived at Manitou, look around at this scenic spot. Can a train station get any prettier than this? Look into the pond and you may see frogs jumping and the sounds of a bullfrog. Look up from the pond and you can see the Bear Mountain Bridge in the distance. Walk over the train tracks toward the river; you can sit on a rock and put your feet into the Hudson River. Or, gaze up at the rolling hills facing north.

Click to enlarge photo of MTA Train Station at Manitou.

Click to enlarge photo of MTA Manitou Train Station The Manitou Train Station is located at 1 Manitou Road in the hamlet of Manitou, Philipstown in Putnam County, New York. Metro North has limited train service to Manitou. Check the MTA Train Schedule.

The Manitou Point Nature Preserve
The Manitou Point Nature Preserve is located 1.8 miles north of the Bear Mountain Bridge. Cross the Bear Mountain Bridge from west to east and continue on route 9D to Mystery Point Road. Make a left on Mystery Point Road and you will see a parking area on the left.

A Bit of History
The Manitou Point Nature Preserve is a former estate on the Hudson renovated and revived by The Open Space Institute and Scenic Hudson. The mansion, once owned by Edward Livingston whose great-grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence, is now the headquarters of Outward Bound. Although the mansion is not open to the public, four miles of scenic winding trails and surrounding carriage roads, are open.

Note: Edward Livingston purchased the property in 1894 and turned it into an elaborate estate with buildings to house his livestock. In 1897, he finished a two-story mansion; now the afore mentioned national headquarters for Outward Bound.

Hiking the Manitou Point Nature Preserve
The Manitou Point Nature Preserve is 135-acres on a peninsula jutting into the Hudson River. This area offers six short but different hikes, appealing to hikers with different skills and interests.

The following is credited to the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference: "For an exciting and adventurous hike, the River Loop Trail is tailor-made. Beginning 400 feet to the north of the mansion, the trail offers the hiker a spectacular view of North Sugar Loaf Mountain on the east bank and West Point on the west. Heading south, the trail merges briefly with a carriage road and then literally hugs the edge of the Hudson River: there are no guard rails between you and the river 10 feet below. Note: This trail may be closed in icy weather. For your safety, respect a closed trail sign. The trail is paved with fallen pine needles and acorns and spongy moss, which makes for a cushioned feeling underfoot. A colonnade of closely-spaced tall trees flanks the narrow trail and gives the appearance of a royal promenade."

After a day of birding or hiking at Manitou, eat out at one of the excellent Restaurants in Putnam County, New York offering natural foods and healthy options.

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10524, Manitou, NY, Grand Central Terminal MTA Metro-North Railroad, Manitou

1 Manitou Road
Manitou, NY 10524

46.0 miles to Grand Central Terminal
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