Homestead Farms  "Organic CSA and Pick-Your-Own" | Cropseyville Rensselaer County New York
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Homestead Farms "Organic CSA and Pick-Your-Own"


Rensselaer County

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Homestead Farms, an organic CSA farm offering chemical-free vegetables, flowers, and meats, is located at 3842 NY Route 2, Cropseyville, NY 12052, Rensselaer County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Homestead Farms: "Our beautiful 18th Century family farm is located on 150 acres of rolling hills in the town of Brunswick New York at the base of the Grafton Plateau. Rich, Linda and Sarah Bulson raise vegetables, cut flowers and pasture raised poultry, pork and grass-fed beef using sustainable farming methods. All of our products are chemical, antibiotic and hormone free. We see value in knowing where your food comes from, how itís grown and who grows it. Our family farms with a deep respect for the land and the animals we raise on it. By farming sustainably we are making a commitment to protect the land from chemicals and improve the soil by using compost and cover crops, ensuring its productivity for years to come. We strive to work with nature instead of against it. For instance, weeds and insect pests are controlled using crop rotation, animal rotation, mulch, cover crops, row covers, hoeing, and by creating habitats for beneficial insects."

"A visit to our farm illustrates the important role livestock and poultry play on a sustainable farm. Each of the animals has a special contribution to make to the health and vitality of the farm as a whole. The benefits of raising pastured animals are far reaching. The farm benefits from the synergistic relationship of all life on the farm. At Homestead Farms we witness the interaction of the entire web of life on the farm and we work with it, not against it. Instead of adding chemical fertilizers to the soil we let our animals do the job. Chickens control the insect populations while gently tilling and fertilizing the soil helping our grass grow. Our pigs eat the grass while turning the top layer of soil and adding more fertilizer which conditions the pasture for future vegetable beds . . . more"

"By farming organically, we are making a commitment to protect the land from chemicals to sustain its productivity over the long term. We are working to keep chemicals out of the food chain and to decrease energy consumptive off-farm inputs. We strive to work with nature, instead of against it. Weeds and insect pests are controlled using mulch, cover crops, crop and animal rotation, row covers, hoeing, and by creating habitats for beneficial insects. Soil is improved using compost and cover crops. An important part of our mission for the farm is community involvement . . . Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a wonderful way of ringing together people who enjoy food with people who grow food, ensuring the availability of fresh safe food through local agriculture today and for future generations."

Press blue button to learn about Homestead's apprenticeship program, the chickens, pigs, turkeys, vegetables, grass-fed beef, and chemical free flowers.


    Products include
    Pastured chickens and turkeys
    Vegetables (Lettuce, Mesclun, Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants, Garlic, Onions, Beans, Carrots, Beets, Broccoli . . . Potatoes, Rutabagas, Melon and more

      Educational Activities
      Cooking ideas and recipes
      Educational School Tours
      Farm Tours
      Internship Programs
      Nurture Classes (Learn about pasture raised chickens, gardens, preserving the harvest bounty)
      Visit Farm and Animals

Location: Cropseyville

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