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  Grafton Lakes State Park, 2,500-acres in size, is located at 100 Grafton Lakes State Park Way, Grafton, NY 12082, Rensselaer County in upper-Hudson Valley.

From NYSParks: "Grafton Lakes State Park, on the forested plateau between the Taconic and Hudson Valleys, includes six ponds and nearly 2500 acres. Long Pond has a large, sandy beach, which is a popular summer attraction. Anglers can go after rainbow and brown trout in Long, Second and Shaver Pond. Pickerel, perch, and bass are abundant in all ponds including Mill Pond and walleye are found at the Martin-Durham Reservoir. All ponds have launch facilities for canoes, sailboats and rowboats, electric boat are allowed. Visitors also picnic, walk the nature trails, and hike, bike or ride horses along the 25 miles of park trails." Grafton Lakes State Park | Rensselaer  website and more . . .

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