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 Blauvelt Music 'Live' | Live Music

10913, Smokehouse, BBQ, Blauvelt, NY, Rockland County, Sports Bar, excellent bbq, craft beers, cornbread soufflé, great food, Restaurant Review | Rockland Bailey's Smokehouse

  Bailey’s Smokehouse, serving BBQ, is located at 136 East Erie Street, Blauvelt, NY 10913 in Rockland County.

From Bailey's Smokehouse: "Here you can find some of the Best BBQ East of The Mississippi. Our smoking process starts with quality cuts of meat which are rubbed with our own BBQ Spice or marinated overnight. Then they are slow smoked for up to 12 hours using local hard woods until tender, moist and full of flavor. This unique cooking process creates what’s known as a “Smoke Ring” which develops along the outside of the meat and around the bones in our products. You can be assured that despite this red ring all of our meats are smoked to well done and that the “Smoke Ring” you see is a sign of outstanding authentic BBQ." Bailey's Smokehouse | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 Nyack Music 'Live' | Live Music

10960, Mediterranean cuisine, Nyack, NY, Hudson River Towns, restaurant, Restaurant Review, dinner, Small Plates, Main dishes, Sunday Brunch, Vegetarian options, The word is, good food Mediterranean | Rockland 8 North Broadway

  8 North Broadway, serving Mediterranean cuisine, is located at 8 North Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960, in one of the Hudson River Towns in Rockland County.

From 8 North Broadway: "8 North Broadway is a seasonal Mediterranean 65-seat restaurant located in Nyack, NY overlooking the Hudson River. With a changing daily menu inspired by locally sourced seafood, free range beef, hormone-free lamb and poultry, organic produce and other provisions, the seasonal restaurant reflects the freshest ingredients from the Hudson Valley. 8 North Broadway | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .

10960, Cafe, Hudson River Town, Vegetarian, Organic restaurant, Nyack NY, 'Live' Music, Local, organic ingredients, Outdoor dining, Vegetarian, The word is, Dine at Art Cafe, organic, vegetarian, affordable prices, Israeli cuisine, Israeli cuisine, Resta | Rockland Art Cafe of Nyack "Organic Vegetarian"

  The Art Café of Nyack, a Mid-Eastern Israeli café serving organic, vegan, and vegetarian cuisine, is located at 65 South Broadway, Nyack NY 10960, in one of the Hudson River Towns of Rockland County.

From Art Café of Nyack: "Located in Nyack, Art Café is a cozy coffee shop serving organic-delicious coffee & fresh-delicious cuisine. Art Café's cuisine is inspired by the many coffee shops that you might find in the streets of Tel Aviv and Europe, with a mix of traditional Israeli recipes and some new creative flavors. Not only do we have a passion for great taste but we also focus on our food being healthy. We integrate organic products wherever possible into our dishes. Our commitment to great quality and flavor has led us to Blue Bottle Coffee, a fully organic and fresh brand of coffee based in Oakland, that pairs well with many of our dishes. We now serve a variety of Wines, Beers, and Prosecco cocktails.

"The roots of the Art Café run very deep through the personal history of its proprietor, Dorit Kramer. Born in Israel to a family that had been living in Jerusalem for nine generations, Dorit learned the arts of cooking and hospitality not by going to school, but by absorbing the world that surrounded her– a world full of warm personalities. It is an echo of all things that have come before, but when it hits your ears, it sounds like nothing you’ve heard before." Art Cafe of Nyack  "Organic Vegetarian" | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .

10960, Pub food, Hudson River Town, fun, and entertainment, restaurant and bar, restaurant row, downtown Nyack, Late Night Menu, Restaurant Review, Late Hours, Live Music, Outdoor seating in front of Pub, Sports Bar, The word is, Friendly pub | Rockland Nyack Pour House

  Nyack Pour House, serving Traditional American and Pub food, is located at 102 Main Street, Nyack, NY 10960, in one of the Hudson River Towns of Rockland County.

From the owner: "Nyack Pour House is Rockland County's #1 destination for great food, fun, and entertainment. Founded in 2010, the Pour House offers a 3,000+ square foot restaurant and bar located in the center of restaurant row directly across from the public parking lot in downtown Nyack, NY. It features a full Lunch, Dinner, and Late Night Menu, and consists of both indoor and outdoor dining where you can relax, watch your favorite sporting event, and enjoy food and drinks with your co-workers, friends and family." Nyack Pour House | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .

10960, Tavern, Pub Food, Hudson River Town, Traditional American, Nyack, NY, Rockland County, history of the Tavern, Music Events, Sunday Brunch, , The word is, Great neighborhood pub, good food, best veggie burger, pint of Guinness, Restaurant Review | Rockland O'Donoghue's Tavern

  O'Donoghue's Tavern, serving Pub Food and Traditional American, is located at 66 Main Street, Nyack, NY 10960, in one of the Hudson River Towns of Rockland County.

From the owners: "O'Donoghue's is a place of happy contradictions . . . A harbor of warm, cobbled-together comforts, that offers outstanding fare without pretense . . . of great brews and spirits . . . and a spirited customer base whose legacy is a century of friendships begun and nurtured inside its walls. OD's is Nyack's local . . . a crossroads between generations, white & blue collars, singles and families. In a word – Its home." O'Donoghue's Tavern | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .

10960, Pub Menu, Nyack, NY, River Towns of Rockland, Bar and Restaurant, Irish pub, superb food, good fun, great music, and events, Restaurant Review, Event Calendar, Sunday Brunch, Irish Breakfast, creamy pint of Guinness | Rockland O'Malley's

  O'Malley's, serving a Pub Menu and Traditional American cuisine, is located at 108 Main Street, Nyack, NY 10960 in one of the River Towns of Rockland County.

From O'Malley's: "Welcome to O'Malley's Bar and Restaurant a great Irish pub. Whether you are in the mood for superb food, good fun, great music, and events, you can find it here. So do stop in and join us for some warmth and cheer. Check out our Event Calendar for upcoming shows and specials. O'Malley's | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .

10960, Hudson River Town, New American cuisine, Nyack, NY, River Towns, Outdoor dining on patio, Sunday Brunch, Water views, The word is, intimate restaurant, banks of the Hudson River, views of the Tappan Zee bridge, Restaurant Review | Rockland Two Spear Street

  Two Spear Street, serving New American cuisine, is located at 2 Spear Street, Nyack, NY 10960, in one of the Hudson River Towns of Rockland County.

From the owner: "Two Spear Street’s dishes are an eclectic blend of New American Inspired Dishes with influences from around the world. Serving the finest Prime Cuts of Beef, Fresh Seafood and Creative House Specialties, Two Spear Street will be a culinary treat. The views from Two Spear Street’s picture windows are simply spectacular! Come at dusk and witness for yourself the golden hues, as they play off The Hudson River and The Tappan Zee Bridge framework." Two Spear Street | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 Pearl River Music 'Live' | Live Music

10965, Brew House Bar & Restaurant, Pearl River, NY, Restaurant Review, Bottled, Draft and Seasonal Beer, Cuisine = Traditional American, Late Hours, Live Music, Outdoor Dining, 
Sunday Brunch, The word is | Rockland Brew House

  The Brew House Bar & Restaurant is located at 50 East Central Ave., Pearl River, NY 10965, Rockland County in the lower-Hudson Valley.

From Brew House: "The Brew House Bar and Restaurant is located in the heart of Pearl River, New York and is open daily for lunch, dinner and late night. Our American style menu offers several diverse options such as salads, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, steak and pasta. We also offer a children’s menu to appeal to our younger guests. Out door sating and take-out are also available. Brew House | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 Piermont Music 'Live' | Live Music

10968, Piermont NY, Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Champagne Brunch, Restaurant Review, 
Bar Menu, Live Music , Outdoor dining overlooking the Hudson, Sunday Brunch, 
Waterfront dining overlooking the Hudson, The word is | Rockland Pier 701 Restaurant & Bar

  Pier 701, serving French American cuisine, is located at 701 Piermont Ave., Piermont NY 10968 in Rockland County.

From Pier 701: "In July of 2013, Pier 701 had its grand opening. Denis and his staff have been committed to making your dining experience as spectacular as the view. Serving up Lunch, Dinner and a Sunday Champagne Brunch and a sunset that is not to be missed." Pier 701 Restaurant & Bar | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .

10968, Mexican food, Piermont, NY, Rockland County, Outdoor Dining, food, Restaurant Review, Outdoor dining on porch, The word is | Rockland Turning Point "Home of Great Music"

  The Turning Point "home to great music", is located at 468 Piermont Ave., Piermont, NY 10968. Before the show, take a walk on the Pier at Piermont and enjoy fantastic views, clean air, and a wonderful breeze.

Press blue button for The Turning Point music schedule. Turning Point "Home of Great Music" | Rockland  website and more . . .
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 Tappan Music 'Live' | Live Music

10983, Ristorante, Italian cuisine, Delicious Italian cuisine, charming and romantic atmosphere, fresh flowers, circa-1850's National Landmark house | Rockland Il Portico Ristorante

Press blue button for updates on renovation and opening date.

Il Portico Ristorante, serving Italian cuisine, is located at 89 Main Street, Tappan NY 10983, Rockland County in the Hudson Valley.

Nestled in the Historic Hamlet of Tappan, this circa 1850 structure was restored by Peppe Pinton and is recipient of several historic awards including the National Registry of Historic Places by U.S. Department of the Interior. Il Portico Ristorante | Rockland  website and more . . .

10983, Traditional American cuisine, Tappan, NY, oldest tavern; National Landmark, fireplaces, live music, Sunday brunch, wine dinners, Restaurant Review, Historic property, Live Music, Serving lunch and dinner, The word is, History | Rockland Old '76 House "Historic Tavern"

  The Old '76 House, serving Traditional American cuisine, is located at 110 Main Street, Tappan, NY 10983 in Rockland County.

From the owner: "The ‘76 House is New York’s oldest tavern; a three hundred year old structure lovingly restored to pristine condition by the Norden Family. Listed as a National Landmark, the restaurant offers even more than historical significance. Today, patrons enjoy fabulous food prepared by our acclaimed chef in a comfortable and hospitable atmosphere. Four glowing fireplaces, live music, our famous Sunday brunch and eagerly anticipated monthly wine dinners have elevated the ’76 House to one of the area’s top dining destinations. We look forward to welcoming you soon." Old '76 House  "Historic Tavern" | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .
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 West Haverstraw Music 'Live' | Live Music

10993, New American, Pizza, Seafood, West Haverstraw NY, River Towns of Rockland County, Restaurant Review, Fireplace, Kids menu, Late Hours, Live Music, Outdoor dining on deck overlooking water, Small Plates, Waterfront Dining, WiFi = Free, The word is | Rockland Hudson Water Club

  Hudson Water Club, serving American cuisine, Seafood and pizza, is located at 606 Beach Road, West Haverstraw NY 10993, in one of the River Towns of Rockland County.

From Hudson Water Club: "The Hudson Water Club sits within a beautiful waterside setting, against sweeping views of the Hudson River. Inside, snazzy terrazzo tile, vaulted ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows make for tremendous use of the natural views of the river. The restaurant's cuisine is Contemporary American with a strong emphasis on seafood designed by our CIA trained Executive Chef Michael Dobias. Chef Dobias focuses on local ingredients and strives to feature seasonal items at their peak of freshness. Our diverse menus combine classic favorites with modern twists to be savored in surroundings of breath-taking river views and exceptional service and hospitality." Hudson Water Club | Rockland restaurant review, website and more . . .

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