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 Accord Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

12404, NOFA-NY, certified organic farm, Pick-Your-Own organic apples, raspberries, blackberries, and pumpkins, Accord, NY, About Organic Apples, Organic Products, 
Apple Sauce, Berries, Garlic, Honey, Jams, Maple Syrup, Squash and Pumpkins | Ulster Westwind Orchard "NOFA-NY Organic Pick-Your-Own"

  Westwind Orchard, a NOFA-NY certified organic farm offering Pick-Your-Own organic apples, raspberries, blackberries, and pumpkins, is located at 215 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, NY 12404, Ulster County in the mid-Hudson Valley.

From Westwind Orchard: "Westwind Orchard is open for Pick-Your-Own every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (September and October only) from 10 to 6. You can pick Apples, Raspberries, Blackberries and Pumpkins. Our new Apple Store will be ready and waiting with tons of local products including our organic produce, art from local artisans, pure maple syrup, and other non-local fair trade items. And once again this year we will be offering the opportunity to make your own Organic Apple Cider . . . last year we had a blast and it was a huge success. Westwind Orchard  "NOFA-NY Organic Pick-Your-Own" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 Ellenville Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

12428, NOFA-NY Certified Organic CSA, Ellenville, NY, internships, part-time jobs, Internships & Jobs, how to grow your own food, CSA Products, Berries, Flowers, Herbs<, 
Veggies, Pastured Pork, Pastured Eggs (from pastured hens & ducks) | Ulster Rusty Plough Farm "NOFA-NY Certified Organic"

  Rusty Plough Farm, a NOFA-NY Certified Organic CSA offering vegetables, flowers & berries, is located at 331 Dowe Road, Ellenville, NY 12428, Ulster County in the mid-Hudson Valley.

From Rusty Plough Farm: "Way back in days of old, little Oleh spent summers in Shokan, NY, enjoying the change from life in New York City. The girls wouldn’t allow him to hang with them, so he spent his days saving little seedlings from the mulch pile, as Babtsia Kurochka (“Grandma Hen”) tended her garden. Encouraged by his early successes with these seemingly doomed plants, he dreamed of someday tending his own little plot of land.

"The 1980s found Oleh toiling away in the computer software industry of Manhattan, getting away on the weekends to his country hideaway in Ulster Heights. There he created his own little veggie garden behind the old farmstead. What a perfect excuse to start amassing lots of machinery and 'toys' to fill up the barn. Soon the barn filled up and the garden grew to exploding.

"Fast-forward to 1988, when Oleh meets Nadia. A Jersey City girl, Nadia did know a bit about farming and country living, from spending her summers in Lexington, NY where she occasionally helped her aunt in the veggie garden. And she did help her dad around the house growing up, handing tools and such. And she could drive a manual transmission. Oh, and she was working as an archaeologist, so the digging-in-the-dirt part was familiar. This also helped her to appreciate the potential beauty hidden behind the plywood paneling of the old farmhouse. Oleh, knowing a good thing when he found her, proposed . . . In 2003, we moved to the farm, committed to growing and marketing our organic produce full-time." Rusty Plough Farm  "NOFA-NY Certified Organic" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 Gardiner Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

12525, Farm, grass-fed products, Gardiner, NY, Old Fashioned Farming, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Hormones, Facts about Grass-Fed, Grass-Fed & Finished Beef, 
Free Range Eggs, Broilers, Pork | Ulster Brookside Farm "NOFA-NY Grass-Fed"

  Brookside Farm, a NOFA-NY certified farm, offering grass-fed products, is located at 1278 Albany Post Road, Gardiner, NY 12525 in Ulster County.

From Brookside Farm: "Brookside Farm is family owned and operated; our farm is committed to the production of healthy, delicious food without the use of hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. We go beyond organic, incorporating management intensive grazing methods (daily rotation to fresh pasture) for our livestock, pasturing or free ranging all poultry and raising all our pigs on a ration of 100% organic grain. Our goal is to provide a gourmet quality, healthy alternative to industrialized food." Brookside Farm  "NOFA-NY Grass-Fed" | Ulster  website and more . . .

12525, organic farm located in Gardiner, heirloom, raise lamb, beef and egg laying chickens, farm-generated manure compost, Organic Farming, CSA at Four Winds, organic farming and grass-fed meats, Second Wind CSA, CSA Products, Pastured Meat | Ulster Four Winds Farm "Grass-Fed & Organic"

  Four Winds Farm, a CSA farm offering organic produce and grass-fed meat, is located at 158 Marabac Road, Gardiner NY 12525, Southern Ulster County in the Hudson Valley.

From Four Winds Farm: "Four Winds Farm is a 24 acre diversified organic farm located in Gardiner, in southern Ulster County, of which 4 acres are used to grow vegetables, primarily heirloom and open pollinated varieties for better flavor and for seed saving. The remainder is used to raise lamb, beef and egg laying chickens, which supply us generously with natural fertilizer. Our farm-generated manure compost allows us to grow vegetables using a method that is very different from conventional farms. Four Winds Farm  "Grass-Fed & Organic" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 High Falls Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

12440, Low Spray Orchard, U-Pick farm, pick-your-own apples, Pick your own, organic,  non-commercial operation, U-Pick, Apple Picking | Ulster Mr. Apples Orchard "Pick-Your-Own"

  Mr. Apples Low Spray Orchard, a U-Pick farm offering pick-your-own apples, is located at 25 Orchard Street, High Falls, NY 12440, Ulster County in the Hudson Valley.

"We are a friendly, small-town size, non-commercial operation. Take a tranquil journey through scenic routes to Mr. Apples rustic Orchard. We try to remember a time when life was simpler & more natural; a time when chemicals were not used all of the time just to make everything look better." Mr. Apples Orchard  "Pick-Your-Own" | Ulster  more . . .
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 Highland Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

12528, U-Pick farm, lease an apple tree, Pick-Your-Own apples, leased apple tree, Attractions, Lease your own apple tree, U-Pick, Apple Picking | Ulster Liberty View Farm "Pick-Your-Own"

  Liberty View Farm LLC, a U-Pick farm where apples are certified naturally grown, is located at 340 Crescent Ave., Highland NY 12528, Ulster County in the Hudson Valley. Not only can you Pick-Your-Own apples, you can select them from your own leased apple tree .

From Liberty View: "Since I have bought this farm and became a full time farmer I have witnessed a remarkable shift in the interest of healthy food. People like me are finally given not only respect but are thanked. We have all learned of the importance of how and where our food comes from and we can now see how our habits in how we cook and what we cook have changed. This is the beginning of a movement that everyone will benefit from. Liberty View Farm  "Pick-Your-Own" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 Kingston Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

12401, Farm, Farmers Pledge farm, organically grown vegetables, Kingston, NY, CSA Vegetables, 250 varieties of vegetables, CSA Distribution, Price and Membership information, Jacob Diaz at Slow Roots Farm, Community Supported Agriculture | Ulster Slow Roots Farm "CSA Organic Farm"

  Slow Roots Farm, specializing in organically grown vegetables in accord with Farmers Pledge, is located at 205 Hidden Valley Road, Kingston, NY 12401, Ulster County in the mid-Hudson Valley.

From Slow Roots Farm: "This Wednesday October 10 marks the last summer pickup at the farm but the harvest will continue for a while as the fall share begins next week. I wanted to thank all of you for participating in this summer season and for handling the assortment of produce with openness and grace. I know it takes special people to open a weird basement door and be surprised each week with what you’ll be eating. I hope you enjoyed being creative and were able to avoid some trips to the grocery store, a much weirder place, as a result. Please know that you are a huge part of how I make a living and that this relationship is so vital to the way Slow Roots Farm operates. Stay in touch, I hope to see all of you soon." Slow Roots Farm  "CSA Organic Farm" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 Milton Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

12547, Farms, certified organic farm, Milton, NY, whole-alive-systems approach, healthy and delicious food,  organic produce, Products, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts,
Cabbage, Cucumber, Eggplant, Greens, Okra, Peppers, Tomatoes, Zucchini | Ulster Hepworth Farms "Certified Organic"

  Hepworth Farms, a certified organic farm, is located at 506 South Road, Milton, NY 12547 in Ulster County.

From Amy Hepworth: "We are extremely passionate about our farming standards and practice a whole-alive-systems approach. We deeply care and are devoted to our workers, land and energy conservation, and delivering healthy and delicious food to our customers." Hepworth Farms  "Certified Organic" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 New Paltz Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

historic, farm, healthy food production, food, farming, Hudson Valley agriculture, fresh food, farm experience, CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, farm visit, picked vegetables, Birthday Parties | Ulster Phillies Bridge Farm Project "CSA"

  The Phillies Bridge Farm Project is located at 45 Phillies Bridge Road, New Paltz, NY 12561 in Ulster County.

From Phillies Bridge: "Phillies Bridge Farm Project was founded in 1995 by a group of dedicated volunteers. We now feed hundreds of community members and engage over 2,500 people each year in the wonders of food production through our CSA, education, and community outreach programs. Our site includes about five acres of diversified vegetables, a children’s Discovery Garden, and a blazed nature trail that wanders through wetlands, woodlands, and pastures. Phillies Bridge Farm Project  "CSA" | Ulster  website and more . . .

12561, Farms, certified organic farm, Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, certified organic produce, certified organic methods, small farms, farm stand, flower cutting, certified organic farming, New Paltz, Ulster County, Hudson River Valley | Ulster Talliaferro Farms "Organic CSA Farm"

  Talliaferro Farms, a CSA offering certified organic produce, is located at 187 Plains Road, New Paltz NY 12561, Ulster County in the Hudson Valley.

From Taliaferro Farms: "This is our version of what is commonly called Community Supported Agriculture, or in short, CSA. It is the bringing together of community members, farmers, and agricultural land in a relationship of mutual support based on annual commitment to one another — a commitment that ensures the survival of local agriculture today and for future generations.

How it all works
"The people agree to purchase a share of the anticipated crop. The farmer agrees to supply the people with a fresh assortment of high quality, in our case, certified organic produce. The shareholders commitment implies a willingness to share with the farmer the bounty from the land, and, some of the risks of its production. Talliaferro Farms  "Organic CSA Farm" | Ulster  website and more . . .

12561, Farm, New Paltz, NY 12561, Gardiner, Wallkill, Modena, Certified Naturally Grown, USDA Organic program for small, farmers, Products, Farm Fresh Goat Cheese, Free Range Eggs, Grass Fed & Finished Beef, Picked-Daily Produce, 
Produce and Berries | Ulster Three Sisters Farm

  Three Sisters Farm is located at 105 Phillies Bridge Road, New Paltz NY 12561, Ulster County in the Hudson Valley.

Three Sisters Farm: "Three Sisters Farm promotes positive change by growing high quality vegetables and fruits, raising free-range chickens, educating about sustainable agriculture and living this vision. Founded in 2006 by Jose and Araceli Rodriguez, Three Sisters Farm is a fifty-five acre family farm that produces high quality vegetables, fruits, herbs and plants in New Paltz NY. Three Sisters Farm | Ulster  website and more . . .
 All Walker Valley Listings

 Walker Valley Organic Farms | Farmers Pledge

family run micro-creamery, Catskill, Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York,  organic farming, herd management practice, NOFA-NY Farmers' Pledge, Goat Milk Products, Goat Milk Cheeses, Goat Milk Fudge, Chevon, Handmade Goat Milk Soaps | Ulster Acorn Hill Farmstead "NOFA-NY Micro-Creamery"

  Acorn Hill Farmstead Cheese, a family run micro-creamery, is located in Walker Valley, NY 12588, Ulster County in the mid-Hudson Valley region of New York.

From Acorn Hill Farmstead: Acorn Hill Farmstead Cheese is a family run micro-creamery. "We firmly believe in the value of local food sources and sustainable agriculture. We follow organic farming and herd management practice and have taken the NOFA-NY Farmers' Pledge. The goats are free to browse the weeds and trees and are given organic grain at milking time. Each goat is an individual who is named, respected, and loved. We believe that happy goats are healthy goats that produce milk that makes delicious cheese." Acorn Hill Farmstead  "NOFA-NY Micro-Creamery" | Ulster  website and more . . .

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Organic Farms
Apples, Fruits, Vegetables
Organic U-Pick & Pick-Your-Own
Ulster County in the Hudson Valley

Find the best Farmers' Markets and organic farms in Ulster County. Visit U-Pick farms, also known as pick-your-own farms in Ulster, NY and the wider Hudson Valley. There are many local farms and Farmers' Markets offering the best organic apples, berries, fruits, and vegetables; and they need your support!

A farm is an area of land, often referred to as an acre or hectare (1 hectare = 2.47105 acres) devoted almost exclusively to the practice of growing crops, rearing animals, and dealing with agriculture. Farms vary greatly in the amount of land that is used for farming. When a farm produces products such as apples or grapes, a farm may be called an orchard or vineyard.

As defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Organically grown food is food grown and processed using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Pesticides derived from natural sources (such as biological pesticides) may be used in producing organically grown food . . . "Organic production is a system that is managed in accordance with the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of 1990 and regulations in Title 7, Part 205 of the Code of Federal Regulations to respond to site-specific conditions by integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards."

In other words, "Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved."

    National Standards on Organic Agricultural Production and Handling
    "The National Standards on Organic Agricultural Production and Handling (NOP rule) was issued on December 21, 2000, by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. The standards in the NOP rule are similar to most of the standards organic producers and handlers currently use, and are intended to be flexible enough to accommodate the wide range of operations and products grown and raised in every region of the United States. The Organic Foods Production Act and the NOP rule require that agricultural products labeled as organic originate from farms or handling operations certified by a state or private agency that has been accredited by USDA." The Organic Foods Production Act does not address food safety or nutrition.

    "Food labels must be in compliance by early 2001.

    "The NOP rule prohibits the use of genetic engineering (included in the list of excluded methods), ionizing radiation, and sewage sludge. The rule includes the following:

    • Production and handling requirements, which address organic crop production, wild crop harvesting, organic livestock management, and processing and handling of organic agricultural products
    • The National List of Allowed Synthetic and Prohibited Non-Synthetic Substances (7 CFR 205.600-205.606)
    • Labeling requirements for organic products
    • Compliance, testing, fee, and state program approval requirements
    • Certification and recordkeeping requirements
    • Accreditation requirements for receiving and maintaining accreditation, as well as requirements for foreign accreditation
    • Other administrative functions of the National Organic Program, which include evaluation of foreign organic certification programs"

    Source: Environmental Protection Agency.

While some farms are completely organic, others use synthetic components to assist with the growth of crops and livestock.

Many farms practice organic and/or sustainable farming in Ulster County and the wider Hudson River Valley, where you can buy fresh and healthy local produce. For fun things to do with the kids, pick-your-own fruits and vegetables at one of many U-Pick farms listed below.

Local farms offer fresh and healthful produce; while organic farms also contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment. Enjoy selections of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other farm fresh products. Buy produce at one of the Hudson Valley markets, or pick-your-own fruit and vegetables at an organic farm in the Hudson Valley.

Visit one or more organic farms and u-pick farms in Ulster County. You'll find farms in Accord, Gardiner, High Falls, Highland, New Paltz and Kerhonkson in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York State.

Farms in Ulster County sell a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including delicious New York apples, berries, pumpkins and U-Pick produce. In addition to pick-your-own fruits, many local farms have acres of delicious vegetables available for you to pick; or you can buy picked produce at the farms market stand or market store.

Many farm markets offer a wide range of fresh jars of honey, jams and chutney. Many pick-your-own apples, offer fresh apple cider or a hot cup of coffee to go with the delicious freshly made donuts . . . yum. You can also find local crafts, cheeses, soups, and other specialty items that are charming and made locally.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is available at some farms in Ulster County. Community Supported Agriculture is when people agree to purchase a share of the anticipated crop at a farm. If the farm is organic, the farmer agrees to supply the members with a fresh assortment of high quality certified organic produce. The shareholders commitment implies a willingness to share with the farmer both the bounty from the land and some of the risks of its production.

    Why Buy Organic?
    Organic products meet stringent standards. Organic certification is the public’s assurance that products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures without persistent toxic chemical inputs.

    Organic food tastes great.
    It’s common sense. Well-balanced soils produce strong, healthy plants that become nourishing food for people and animals.

    Organic production reduces health risks.
    Many EPA-approved pesticides were registered long before extensive research linked these chemicals to cancer and other diseases. Organic agriculture is one way to prevent any more of these chemicals from getting into the air, earth and water that sustain us.

    Organic farms respect our water resources.
    The elimination of polluting chemicals and nitrogen leaching, done in combination with soil building, protects and conserves water resources.

    Organic farmers build healthy soil.
    Soil is the foundation of the food chain. The primary focus of organic farming is to use practices that build healthy soils.

    Organic farmers work in harmony with nature.
    Organic agricultural respects the balance demanded of a healthy ecosystem: wildlife is encouraged by including forage crops in rotation and by retaining fence rows, wetlands, and other natural areas.

    Organic producers are leaders in innovative research.
    Organic farmers have led the way, largely at their own expense, with innovative on-farm research aimed at reducing pesticide use and minimizing agriculture’s impact on the environment.

    Organic producers strive to preserve diversity.
    The loss of a large variety of species (biodiversity) is one of the most pressing environmental concerns. The good news is that many organic farmers and gardeners have been collecting and preserving seeds, and growing unusual varieties for decades.

    Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy.
    USDA reported that in 1997, half of U.S. farm production came from only 2% of farms. Organic agriculture can be a lifeline for small farms because it offers an alternative market where sellers can command fair prices for crops.

    Organic abundance – Foods and non-foods alike.
    Now every food category has an organic alternative. And non-food agricultural products are being grown organically – even cotton, which most experts felt could not be grown this way.

    Source: Organic Trade Association.

Select one or more farms to visit at local farms in Ulster County and go apple, berry, or pumpkin picking in Ulster County. Farmer's markets and pick-your-own farms are available throughout the county of Ulster in the mid-Hudson Valley. Find farm markets for all seasons offering many wonderful items including homegrown seasonal fruits & produce such as apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, pears, plums, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes & corn. Some farms are open through late December selling Christmas trees and other seasonal items.

Many children enjoy going to a local pick-your-own farm where the kids can pick seasonal fruits and vegetables such as raspberries, blueberries, apples, and pumpkins for Halloween. Many pick-your-own farms offer additional outdoor activities for the kids including:

    Apple, Berry, Pumpkin Picking
    Corn Maze - free for all ages
    Farm animals to pet and feed
    Picnic Tables
    Pick winter squash / pumpkins

Visit organic farms in Ulster County. Some farms offer healthy organic produce with more farms working toward becoming organic or getting a Farmers Pledge certification. Organic farms offer healthy produce including fruits, vegetables, organic meats, poultry, eggs, and more.

Several pick-your-own farms have beautiful views of the hills and mountains of Ulster County, offering kids a wonderful time outdoors "picking their own food". Pick-you-own farms are great fun for children and kids of all ages.

    The "buy local" movement is quickly taking us beyond the promise of environmental responsibility that the organic movement delivered, and awakening us to the importance of community, variety, humane treatment of farm animals, and social and environmental responsibility in regard to our food economy.

    Farmers' Markets are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing by small farmers. From the traditional "Mercados" in the Peruvian Andes to the unique street markets in Asia, growers all over the world gather weekly to sell their produce directly to the public. In the last decade they have become a favorite marketing method for many farmers throughout the United States, and a weekly ritual for many shoppers.

    In a Farmers' Market, farmers sell their products once or twice a week at a designated public place like a park or parking lot. Some Farmers' Markets have live entertainment. Shopping at a Farmers Market is a great way to meet local farmers and get fresh, flavorful produce. Many farms have set-up farm markets on their own farm. In addition to fresh picked fruits and vegetables, Farmers’ Markets often sell crafts and other locally made products.

    Farmers' Markets provide a means for local producers of agricultural products to sell those products directly to the consumer. Many communities throughout New York State view Farmers Markets as a positive avenue for supporting local agriculture, providing a source of fresh fruits and vegetables to the residents of their community, and as a means of drawing people into their community aiding in the economic redevelopment of an area.

The Farmers’ Market Federation of New York is a statewide not-for-profit organization designed to both promote and provide support services for the Farmers' Markets within New York State. The Federation was formed through the collective efforts of market managers throughout the state, Cooperative Extension, and the Department of Agriculture & Markets, and was initially funded by a Federal State Marketing Improvement Grant in early 1998.

Large-scale chemical agriculture continues to poison our soil and our water, and weaken our communities. Buying directly from a family farm can help put a stop to this unfortunate trend. By purchasing organic produce from your local farmer, you are working to maintain a healthy environment, a vibrant community, and a strong and sustainable local economy for you and for your family.

Organic and Local Food
The freshest, healthiest, most flavorful organic food is food that is grown locally. Organically grown food is free from exposure to harmful chemicals; but that is only one part of the importance of organic products. A larger part of Organic Agriculture involves the health of the soil and of the ecosystems in which crops and livestock are raised. Organic Agriculture is born from the idea that a healthy environment significantly benefits crops and the health of those consuming them. In addition, organic practices are also viable in the long term, since they are efficient in their use of resources. Unlike large scale "chemical agriculture", Organic Agriculture does not damage the environment and our local community.

Visit your local Farmers' Market and experience the colorful abundance of nutritious, high quality locally grown foods, the aroma of fresh produce and the friendly banter of farmers and customers, neighbors and families. A visit to a Farmers' Market is an adventure, and among the fun things to do in your own community. Bring the children. Children love visiting their local farmer's market where they can meet the farmers, ask questions, and learn about the food. Farmers' Markets also provide a lesson in supporting your own community and the environment.

Both economic and health factors have resulted in the growth of Farmers' Markets across the country. Not only is a completely new generation of farmers seeking retail outlets that increase their profitability and viability thus preserving agriculture for themselves and future generations, but also, consumers are discovering that Farmers' Markets are a fun, reasonably priced, alternative to supermarkets. At Farmers' Markets they have direct access to fresh, healthy local foods and to the farmers who produce the foods. The experience inevitably includes developing relationships and friendships with the farmers and gaining an understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from and how it is produced.

Use the Local Harvest website on the Farmers' Markets & Local Farms page to find Farmers' Markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy organic produce, grass-fed meats, and many other delicious and healthy foods.

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