Habirshaw Park on the Hudson  "Scenic Hudson Valley" | City of Yonkers Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Habirshaw Park on the Hudson "Scenic Hudson Valley"

City of Yonkers

Westchester County

Beczak Environmental Center, riverfront public park, Things to Do at Habirshaw Park, Bird Watching, Fishing, Picnicking, Scenic views at Habirshaw Park, Walking trails, hiking, walking, restaurants in Yonkers, Westchester River Towns Habirshaw Park on the Hudson "Scenic Hudson Valley"

Habirshaw Park
Yonkers, Westchester County
Hudson River Valley, New York State

From Scenic Hudson: "Scenic Hudson is working with New York State, Westchester County, the City of Yonkers and the Beczak Environmental Center to create a five-acre riverfront public park, esplanade and environmental education center with stunning views of the Palisades. Historically the area was dominated by industrial facilities that blocked public access to the river. Once slated for six, 38-story apartment buildings, the property is now protected by a 25-acre conservation easement held by The Scenic Hudson Land Trust. The park is currently open but improvements are continuing."

Things To Do at Habirshaw Park
Bird Watching at the park
Fishing at Habirshaw Park
Picnicking at Habirshaw Park
Scenic Views
Walking trails at Habirshaw Park in Yonkers.

Additional Information
Beczak Environmental Education Center

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After a day of hiking, walking, or relaxing at Habirshaw Park, select from one of many excellent restaurants in Yonkers, one of the Westchester River Towns.

Location: Yonkers

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