Leonard Park and Pool | Mount Kisco Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Leonard Park and Pool

Mount Kisco

Westchester County

10549, Park, Mount Kisco, NY, basketball, baseball, camp for kids, Pool, activities and fun for kids, Park Attractions, Things to Do, Disc (Frisbee) Golf Course, Gymnasium, Hiking, Playground, Swimming pools, Tennis Courts, Disc Golf Course, Ice Skating Leonard Park and Pool

Leonard Park, a 116-acre park, is located at 104 East Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY 10549 in Westchester County. Leonard Park offers recreation programs, including basketball, baseball, camp for kids, Mount Kisco Memorial Complex & Pool (3 swimming pools) and more great activities and fun for kids and adults year round.

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Park Attractions
Japanese Pagoda brought "piece by piece" to Mount Kisco from Japan
Marsh Memorial Sanctuary

Things To Do
Basketball Courts (outdoors)
Disc (Frisbee) Golf Course (*course description)
Gymnasium (located in Memorial Chapel)
Hiking / Walking Trails
Indoor Recreation Bldg.
Picnic Areas
Playing fields (2 little league fields)
- Softball field
- Hardball field
Swimming pools (toddler pool, main pool, diving tank)
Tea House (may be rented)
Tennis Courts (4)

* Disc Golf Course
Long wooded holes through a mature eastern hardwood forest. Many elevation changes. A 600 ft. par 4 hole.

    Winter Activities
    Ice Skating
    Sledding behind the baseball fields

Location: Mount Kisco

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