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Trailside Nature Museum - WPR

Pound Ridge

Westchester County

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Entrance to Ward Pound Ridge The Trailside Nature Museum is located at 6 Reservation Road, (Junction of Routes 35 and 121 South), Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River, NY 10518 in Westchester County. The Museum is owned and operated by Westchester County Parks, Recreation, and Conservation. The museum was built in 1937 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and is one of the oldest interpretive nature centers in the United States.

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Ward Pound Ridge - Biodiversity Reserve Area The sign reads:
On February 15, 2001
The Westchester County Parks Board designated
Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
a Biodiversity Reserve Area for the
protection of wildlife habitat.

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Ward Pound Ridge - Biodiversity Reserve Area The sign reads:
Important Bird Area
This site is part of a global
network of places recognized
for their outstanding value
to bird conservation

"The museum exhibits specimen birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, minerals, American Indian artifacts, and also houses the Delaware Indian Resource Center. Nature interpretive programs are offered weekly.

"The museum hosts thousands of school children and scouts each year for a variety of educational programs including stream study, American Indian culture, maple sugaring, and badge work. Family-oriented nature programs are scheduled for the general public on nearly every weekend.

"The Trailside Nature Museum is also the home of the Delaware Indian Research Center, a vast collection of books and artifacts concerning American Indians, especially the Delaware. The Research Center is well utilized by both students and educators and has assisted several authors in researching their publications. The Research Center is open to the public by appointment.

"During the summer months, butterfly and moth hatcheries are maintained inside the museum for a close look at the miracle of metamorphosis. Be sure to go butterflying at the outside demonstration butterfly garden which attracts parades of butterflies. The brochure Butterflies of Ward Pound Ridge Reservation lists 83 species that have been seen on the grounds.

"Birds of field and forest abound throughout the year. Birds of Ward Pound Ridge Reservation contain a checklist of the 184 species recorded in the park to date.

"In addition, there is a one-half acre wildflower garden containing more than 80 different kinds of labeled wildflowers. There are several self-guided nature trails directions and pamphlets are available in the museum."

Press blue button for hours, programs and activities, Wildflower Garden, Delaware Indian Center, Biodiversity Research, Arts in the Park, and more about the Trailside Nature Museum in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation at The Friends of the Trailside Nature Museum and Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

Things To Do at Trailside Nature Museum
Art Gallery (Located in historic Benedict Homestead)
Biodiversity Research
Bird Watching
Birthday Parties (Educational programs offered as birthday parties for any age.)
Educational Programs
Fishing (Catch & Release - Artificial lures only)
Hiking Trails (35 miles of hiking trails)
Nature Programs
Picnicking (
Self Guided Nature Trails
Souvenir Shop
Trailside Nature Museum
Wildflower Garden

See attractions and more things to do at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

Location: Pound Ridge

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