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  Point of View Farm, a Northeast Organic Farmers Associationís Farmerís Pledge member, is located just outside Bangall, NY in Dutchess County.

"Point of View Farm is home to a flock of purebred registered Finnsheep that rotationally graze on our lush pastures filled with native and planted varieties of grasses, legumes and herbs. Finnsheep are a multi-purpose heritage breed of sheep that are well known for their versatility and efficiency in wool, meat and even dairy production. The breed is naturally polled (no horns) and lambs are born with short tails that do not require docking/ banding. Point of View Farm Finnsheep have been genetically selected for high quality soft crimpy wool with high luster. They have strong maternal qualities, parasite resilience and premium lean tender meat from lambs with fast rates of gain. Point of View Farm Finnsheep are social and friendly with an easy to handle temperament. All this makes them a well suited choice for many operations. Point of View Farm  "NOFA-NY Certified Organic" | Dutchess  website and more . . .

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  The Red Devon, serving Farm-To-Table cuisine, is located at 108 Hunns Lake Road, Bangall, NY 12506, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley. "We serve fair trade organic coffee, organic breads and produce and use only biodegradable or recycled paper products in the Market . . . In supporting our local agriculture we are supporting our local economy." Press blue button for menus, hours, and more. Red Devon   "Farm-To-Table" | Dutchess restaurant review, website and more . . .

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Dutchess County

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