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 Hoosick Falls Gifts | Crafts

12090, Farm, Farmer's Pledge Certified farm, Hoosick Falls, fresh, organic, local and sustainably-grown food, year-round access to farm food, internet buyers club, activities at Hay Berry Farm, U-Pick, Products, Basil, dill, parsley, Blueberries, tomatoes | Rensselaer Hay Berry Farm "Organic CSA Farm"

  Hay Berry Farm, a Farmer's Pledge Certified farm, is located at 1176 Babcock Lake Road, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090, Rensselaer County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Hay Berry Farm: "Good news for those who like fresh, organic, local and sustainably-grown food. I’m excited that we can now provide year-round access to farm food via our new internet buyers club. The selection is large, and will increase in the spring when your neighboring farmers can add their products to the choices. There are currently over 3000 choices of fruit, vegetables, meat, drinks, flour, herbs, bread, cheese, etc. The price is reasonable and there is no fee to join. Buyers order on an internet website and pick up their order on Babcock Lake Road in Hoosick." Hay Berry Farm  "Organic CSA Farm" | Rensselaer  more . . .
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 Rensselaer County Gifts | Crafts

About Applefest, Hudson Valley, Village of Warwick, Top 100 Events, one-day event, Warwick’s apples, culture, and entertainment, festival, Festival proceeds benefit these and other local non-profit organizations, Things To Do and See at the Festival | Rensselaer Applefest Festival


About Applefest
Located in the Hudson Valley
Village of Warwick, New York

Admission is FREE
Applefest Festival | Rensselaer  website and more . . .
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 Troy (Rensselaer) Gifts | Crafts

12204, Waterfront, Farmers' Market, Riverfront Park, food growers, bakers, chefs,  artisans, market, Attractions, Fresh Produce, Baked Goods, Condiments and Preserves, Sweeteners and Sweets, Artisan Wares, pottery | Rensselaer Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market

  Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market is located at 282 River Street, Troy, NY 12181, Rensselaer County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Troy Waterfront Farmers Market: "Every Saturday, more than 70 food growers, bakers, chefs and artisans gather to offer the Capital Region's freshest and finest. At our market, you buy directly from the producer - the person who grew it or made it and can tell you how to best cook, use and enjoy it. Plus, your dollars contribute directly to the local economy and assure the future of a healthy regional food system. Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market | Rensselaer  website and more . . .

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