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12037, Refinishers Antiques, Chatham NY, Columbia County, Old World techniques, furniture finish restoration, repairs, Central Square | Columbia Pitkin Refinishers & Antiques

  Pitkin Co. Refinishers & Antiques is located at 14 River Street on Central Square, Chatham NY 12037, in Columbia County.

From Pitkin: Pitkin Company has worked to develop a blend of the best Old World techniques and methods combined with the latest developments in hi-tech products to produce finished products that are classically beautiful, yet extremely durable. All work that we undertake should enhance not only the visual aspect but also the value of the piece and in doing so, our goal is to make each clientís experience with us, a relaxed and pleasurable experience, as we rely almost exclusively on referrals. Pitkin Refinishers & Antiques | Columbia  website and more . . .
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12526, Farmers' Market, Clermont, Farmer's Market, local seasonal produce, local art, crafts, music, Attractions, Art and Crafts, Live Music, Local Art & Crafts, Local Dairy Products, Local Seasonal Produce | Columbia Clermont Country Farmers' Market

  Clermont Country Farmers' Market is located at 1820 Route 9, Clermont, NY 12526, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Clermont Country Farmers' Market: "The Farmer's Market offers local seasonal produce, poultry and meats, and more. Enjoy local art, crafts, and music while you shop. Local cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, mushrooms, breads, pasta, pesto, soups, seasonally prepared foods, wine, tea, soaps & skin care products, condiments, yarn, gifts - crafts and solar information." Clermont Country Farmers' Market | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 Columbia County Gifts | Crafts

About Applefest, Hudson Valley, Village of Warwick, Top 100 Events, one-day event, Warwickís apples, culture, and entertainment, festival, Festival proceeds benefit these and other local non-profit organizations, Things To Do and See at the Festival | Columbia Applefest Festival


About Applefest
Located in the Hudson Valley
Village of Warwick, New York

Admission is FREE
Applefest Festival | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 Ghent Gifts | Crafts

12075, Farm, organic fruit, vegetables, Demeter-certified, biodynamic, CSA farm, CSA program, Hawthorne Valley Farm, farmers, CSA membership, eat seasonally, local farmer, Biodynamic, Organic Products,  Community Supported Agriculture | Columbia Hawthorne Valley Farm "Organic CSA Farm"

  Hawthorne Valley Farm, a Demeter-certified biodynamic CSA farm, is located at 327 County Road 21C, Ghent, NY 12075, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Hawthorne Valley Farm: "Since 1972, we have been producing high quality, Biodynamic and organic foods while providing farm-based learning experiences for children and adults. Our 400-acre Biodynamic farm includes dairy cows, vegetables, a creamery, organic bakery, sauerkraut cellar, and more. Our Farm Store is a full-line natural foods store open 7 days a week. Hawthorne Valley Farm  "Organic CSA Farm" | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 Hillsdale Gifts | Crafts

12529, Antiques, Hillsdale, Columbia County, Hudson Valley, American Country Furniture, Folk Art, Hooked Rugs, Quilts, Baskets, Stoneware, original and old painted surfaces, paint decoration,  antiques for sale, previous antique sales, Barn Antiques | Columbia Hillsdale Barn Antiques

  Hillsdale Barn Antiques is located at 10394 State Route 22, Hillsdale, NY 12529, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Hillsdale Barn: "Frank and Rose Marie Francis, owners of Hillsdale Barn Antiques, have over 40 years' experience in buying and selling fine Country Americana and Folk Art. They moved to Hillsdale, New York, in beautiful Columbia County, in September 1999. The shop was opened in May 2000. The open shop occupies 2,000 square feet in a wonderful 19th century barn. Prior to this, Frank and Rose Marie exhibited at numerous antique shows, primarily in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Dealers are always welcome. Hillsdale Barn Antiques | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 Hollowville Gifts | Crafts

12530, family farm, Hollowville, NY, Columbia County, vegetables in season, wooden decoratives, Holiday items, Santa Claus figures, Christmas items, honey, pure and local, crafts, local artisans, Gift Shop, Vegetable Stand, Wool and Yarn | Columbia Scarecrow Farm "Birds & Bees"

  Scarecrow Farm is a multigenerational family farm located at 29 Old Barrington Road, PO Box 22, Hollowville, NY 12530 in Columbia County.

A feature of our shop is the unique wooden decoratives designed, hand cut, and then handpainted by Farmers Victor and Ruth. Holiday items include Santa Claus figures, farm animals and scarecrows, Thanksgiving turkeys, as well as designs for every holiday. Scarecrow Farm  "Birds & Bees" | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 Hudson Gifts | Crafts

12534, Antiques & Interiors, Hudson NY 12534, European antiques furniture, decorative accessories, European chandeliers, from the 18th to the 20th Century | Columbia Ad Lib Antiques & Interiors

  Ad Lib Antiques & Interiors is located at 522 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley. Ad Lib Antiques & Interiors, handles mostly European antiques furniture, decorative accessories, and a nice selections of European chandeliers, from the 18th to the 20th Century. Ad Lib Antiques & Interiors | Columbia  website and more . . .

12534, Antiques, Period American Antiques, Hepplewhite, Federal, Sheraton, Empire, Chippendale,18th Century through 20th Century, antiquing, Hudson River Valley, major antique center, antique district, historic town, Decorative accessories | Columbia Eustace & Zamus Antiques

  Eustace & Zamus Antiques is located at 513 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley. Eustace & Zamus Antiques is a treasure trove of the unusual and stylish. Specializing in Period American Antiques - Hepplewhite, Federal, Sheraton, Empire, and Chippendale. In Country and, Formal Styles. Decorative accessories of the 18th Century through 20th Century. Priced to suit all pockets. Eustace & Zamus Antiques | Columbia  more . . .

12534, antique dealer, Warren Street, Hudson, Columbia County, Hudson River Valley | Columbia Henry

  Henry, antique dealer, is located at 348 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

From Henry: "Objects at Henry are specifically chosen for their visual qualities, color, shape, form, texture. It is primarily an eclectic mixture of objects: primitive, industrial, mass produced, or hand made. All are singular and chosen for decorative purposes, with the belief that almost anything can be decorative in a specific setting. Decoration and/or art are not exclusive." Henry | Columbia  more . . .

12534, Historical, Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County, Hudson River Valley | Columbia Historical Materialist

  Historical Materialism is an online store under 1stdibs.

From 1stdibs: "At 1stdibs, we're here to connect the world's best dealers, finest shops and most important galleries with individuals like you, the world's most sophisticated collectors, designers and curators.Starting with the few dealers that were hand-selected by our founder Michael Bruno at Paris's legendary antiques market, Marchť Aux Puces, in 2001, we've become the global destination for those who must have 'first dibs' on treasures ó from around the world ó that would otherwise be inaccessible." Historical Materialist | Columbia  website and more . . .

12534, Farmers' Market, upper-Hudson Valley, locally grown, farm fresh produce, farm produce, Vegetables, Fruits such as Apples, Fresh Flowers, Teas, Baked Goods, Breads, Focaccia, Cakes, Pies, Cookies | Columbia Hudson Farmers' Market

  Hudson Farmers' Market is located at 6th Street & Columbia Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Hudson Market: "The Hudson Farmers' Market was started in 1997 by Milt Meisner and Norman Posner. We continue to strive to support their founding vision and provide Hudson with fresh local product from family farms, being sold by farmers directly to their ever loyal customers. Hudson Farmers' Market | Columbia  website and more . . .

12534, antiques dealer, antique, vintage furnishings market, antiquing, plan a daytrip, Manhattan to Hudson, upper Hudson River Valley, Penn Station, New York's major antique center, visit antique and vintage furnishings market, premier antique district | Columbia Hudson Supermarket

  Hudson Supermarket, antiques dealer, is located at 310 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

From Hudson Supermarket: "The Hudson Supermarket is 7,000 square feet of soaring space that once served as a (surprise!) supermarket and is now a dynamic antique and vintage furnishings market. Featuring a variety of dealers whose merchandise acts as a timeline from the very ancient to the very modern, our inventory is ever evolving and always inspiring. The market's dealers have established reputations and built collections that include the very best from a wide variety of genres, era, and styles. Hudson Supermarket | Columbia  website and more . . .

12534, Books, Records, Hudson River Valley, legendary record store, great antique stores, charming places to eat, vinyl sanctuary, serious vinyl lovers, stacks of records, scenic drive, Amtrak, leading antique district, historic city of Hudson | Columbia John Doe Records & Books - Hudson

  John Doe Records and Books is located at 434 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

"The name fits the description for this legendary record store in Upstate New York. Actually the residence of Bunny Brains mastermind Dan Seward, John Doe is tucked away on the main drag of Warren Street and has only a small guidepost that signals the location of this vinyl sanctuary . . . All of the contents of the store are his collection, with virtually no organizational pattern whatsoever. The shop is, therefore, strictly for serious vinyl lovers - those willing to spend hours sifting through stacks and stacks of records in order to find what they're looking for." John Doe Records & Books - Hudson | Columbia  more . . .

12534, Restoration, restores fine furniture, French Polishing, restoration of fine furniture, antique furniture, traditional finishes, restoration of fine antiques, scenic drive, premier antique district, historic city of Hudson | Columbia Keegan's Restoration and Conservation

  Keegan's Restoration is located at 515 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY 12534, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley. Dee Keegan restores fine furniture using French Polishing. Keegan's Restoration and Conservation | Columbia  more . . .

12534, Antiques, Hudson Valley, Japanese Screens, Asian antiques, source for Japanese screens, bronzes, ceramics, porcelains, lacquer, sculpture, furniture, antique, one-of-a-kind screens,16th century to the 20th century, screen restoration | Columbia NAGA

  Naga Antiques is located at 536 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

From Naga Antiques: "Naga Antiques in New York City celebrates 40 years as a leading source of fine Asian antiques, specializing in Japanese screens, bronzes, ceramics, porcelains, fine lacquer objects, sculpture, and furniture. Along with Naga North in Hudson, NY, both galleries also feature Art Deco, American Modern and Biedermeier furniture and assorted objects. Our inventory of over 300 Japanese screens ranges from the 16th century to the 20th century." NAGA | Columbia  website and more . . .

12534, Auctioneers, Appraisers, Warren Street, Hudson, Columbia County, Hudson Valley, full-service auction house, entire estate | Columbia Stair Galleries - Auctioneers & Appraisers

  Stair Galleries, auctioneers & appraisers is located at 549 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Stair Galleries: "Stair Galleries has grown to be one of the leading regional auction houses in America, primarily servicing the New York City metro area and tri-state region. Our main focus is fine and decorative arts from the 17th to 20th Centuries. Stair Galleries - Auctioneers & Appraisers | Columbia  more . . .

12534, Antiques, Hudson, NY, antiques shop, decorative objects, lighting, furniture from the Biedermeir, Empire and Art deco periods, mid-20th Century, Amtrak Station at Hudson | Columbia Sutter Antiques

  Sutter Antiques is located at 556 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

From Sutter: "Swiss born antiques dealer, Alfons Sutter opened his first antiques shop, Sutter Antiques, in London at the prestigious Kings Road Market in 1973. In 1976 he moved his business to the Flatiron district in New York City where he specialized in Oriental furniture and objects. He and his long time business associate, Frank Rosa, would spend their weekends driving through the Hudson River Valley antiquing. In 1990, after falling in love with Columbia County, they decided to relocate Sutter Antiques to Hudson, NY. Sutter Antiques | Columbia  more . . .

12534, Antiques, Rare Books, Hudson NY, antiquing, daytrip, Manhattan to Hudson, Hudson River Valley, Penn Station, major antique center, rare books, antique tables, lighting, scenic drive, Amtrak, premier antique district, historic town, New York State | Columbia Westerhoff Antiques and Rare Books

  Angelika Westerhoff Antiques and Rare Books is located at 606 Warren Street, Hudson NY 12534, Columbia County in the Hudson River Valley.

If you enjoy antiquing, plan a daytrip from Manhattan to Hudson NY located in the upper Hudson Valley. Penn Station is only two hours from New York's major antique center on Warren Street where you can visit Angelika Westerhoff Antiques featuring rare books and a selection of antique tables, lighting and more. Westerhoff Antiques and Rare Books | Columbia  website and more . . .
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12106, Farmerís Market, Kinderhook, NY events, Local organic and non-organic produce, Fresh eggs, chicken, and beef, Locally brewed draft beers, gluten-free treats, Kids Fun Things To Do at Kinderhook Farmerís Market, Kids' Month at the Market | Columbia Kinderhook Farmerís Market

  Kinderhook Farmerís Market is located on the Village Green at Route 9, Kinderhook, NY 12106, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Kinderhook: "The market is still growing. Our glorious selection of freshly picked produce keeps coming in from the fields throughout the month. There's still time to enjoy grass-fed beef and poultry, fresh eggs, baked goods, organic yoghurts, herbal salves, creams, and soaps, and a variety of locally produced fine crafts." Kinderhook Farmerís Market | Columbia  website and more . . .

12106, Antiques, Kinderhook NY, Columbia County, Americana art, period furniture, paintings, prints, folk art , accessories, Hudson Valley Dutch objects and paintings, colonial and 19th c American medals, antique firearms, about the antiques | Columbia Pavilion Gallery - Americana Art & Antiques

  Pavilion Gallery, offering Americana Art, paintings, and antiques, is located at 17 Broad Street, Kinderhook NY 12106, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Pavilion Gallery: ". . . I opened The Pavilion Gallery in 1986 in Kinderhook, expanded to another site in antiques-hopping Hudson, selling americana with an emphasis on New York things. Did some shows from New England to Virginia, published more books and articles, even squeezed in some journal articles and more field work on my tribe in Kenya. I also decided to expand the antiques business to the largest of antiques, period houses, by creating R. H. Blackburn & Associates Real Estate ( Pavilion Gallery - Americana Art & Antiques | Columbia  website and more . . .
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12523, Bed and Breakfast, Antiques, antiques store, West Taghkanic, NY, Columbia County, Dutchess, Green, Berkshire, Visit Columbia County, Hudson Valley, B&B, Antiques, antique shopping, beautiful Hudson Valley | Columbia Changing Times B&B - Almost Antiques

  Changing Times, a Bed and Breakfast and Almost Antiques, a charming antiques store, is located at 624 Old State Route 82, West Taghkanic, NY 12523 in Columbia County. Changing Times is centrally located for an enjoyable country drive from Columbia County to Duchess, Green and Berkshire counties. Visit Columbia County and enjoy the beautiful Hudson Valley all year long.

From Changing Times: "There we were (in photograph on our website) more than 100 years ago as the general store and post office for our small town as seen in this penny postcard. That penny included the cost of the card as well as the mailing. Today Changing Times B&B and Almost Antiques Shop, are owned and operated by Loretta and James Carley. Changing Times B&B - Almost Antiques | Columbia  website and more . . .

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