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12015, Farms, Gourmet Market, Greene County, upper-Hudson Valley of New York State, sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, fresh picked, sweet corn and tomatoes, Fruits, Vegetables, Seasonal Items, Winter Vegetables and Fruits | Greene Black Horse Farms * Gourmet market

  Black Horse Farms & Gourmet Market is located at 10094 Route 9W in Athens, NY 12015, Greene County in the upper-Hudson Valley of New York State.

From Black Horse Farms: "Black Horse Farm is a true country market, featuring summer annuals, perennials, nursery stock, garden items, decorative pots, gourmet foods, baked items, gifts and the famous fresh produce department carrying organics and regular produce. We are a member of the Pride of New York and purchase honey, maple syrup and many other gourmet products from other New York enterprises. Black Horse Farms * Gourmet market | Greene  website and more . . .
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12414, Farmer's Market, Catskill Point, Attractions, Farm Fresh Produce, Homemade Items, Outdoor Market | Greene Catskill Region Farmer's Market

  Catskill Region Farmer's Market at Catskill Point is located at 400-473 Main Street, Catskill NY 12414, Greene County in the Hudson Valley. The Farmers' Market is open from mid-June through October.

From Catskill Region Market: "This Catskills farmers market is located at Historic Catskill Point. Stop by and check it out. Phone to find out about its selection of organic food, vegetables, crafts, fruits and local specialties." Catskill Region Farmer's Market | Greene  more . . .

12414, Books & Records, Catskill NY, Greene County, antique stores, charming places to eat | Greene John Doe Records & Books - Catskill

  John Doe Books & Records is located at 400 Main Street, Catskill NY 12414, Greene County in the Hudson River Valley.

"The name fits the description for the original legendary record store in Hudson, New York. Actually the residence of Bunny Brains mastermind Dan Seward, John Doe is tucked away on the main drag of Warren Street and has only a small guidepost that signals the location of this vinyl sanctuary . . . All of the contents of the store are his collection, with virtually no organizational pattern whatsoever. The shop is, therefore, strictly for serious vinyl lovers - those willing to spend hours sifting through stacks and stacks of records in order to find what they're looking for." Visit our newest location in Catskill, New York. John Doe Records & Books - Catskill | Greene  website and more . . .
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12424, Farm, maple products, upper-Hudson Valley, Hay, Honey, Maple Syrup | Greene Maple Glen Farm

  Maple Glen Farm, offering pure maple products, is located at 1288 Scribner Hollow Road, East Jewett NY 12424, Greene County in the upper-Hudson Valley. Maple Glen Farm | Greene  more . . .
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About Applefest, Hudson Valley, Village of Warwick, Top 100 Events, one-day event, Warwick’s apples, culture, and entertainment, festival, Festival proceeds benefit these and other local non-profit organizations, Things To Do and See at the Festival | Greene Applefest Festival


About Applefest
Located in the Hudson Valley
Village of Warwick, New York

Admission is FREE
Applefest Festival | Greene  website and more . . .
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12441, Antique Mall,  Hunter, NY, Greene County | Greene Hunter Antique Mall

  The Hunter Antique Mall is located at 7887 Main Street, Hunter, NY 12441 in Greene County. Hunter Antique Mall | Greene  more . . .
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12468, maple syrup products, upper-Hudson Valley, Candy and Cream, Farm Fresh Preserves, Maple Syrup, Pure Honey | Greene Maple Hill Farms

  Maple Hill Farms, 135 CR 2, offering maple syrup products, is located at Prattsville, NY 12468, Greene County in the upper-Hudson Valley. Maple Hill Farms | Greene  more . . .
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12485, Antiques & Cheese Café, Tannersville, NY, Restaurant Review, Antiques, Bakery and Breads, Craft Beer, Family Restaurant, Outdoor Dining, 
Vegetarian options, The word is,  gourmet shop, cheese, chocolates, vintage candy | Greene Last Chance Café

  Last Chance Antiques & Cheese Café is located at 6009 Main Street, Tannersville, NY 12485 in Greene County.

From Last Chance: "This casual spot, with a country-store ambience, is part restaurant, part antiques, gifts, and gourmet foods shop. It’s decorated with hanging musical instruments and antiques, and it has a deli with a few tables and an enclosed patio dining area. The menu is surprisingly diverse. Start with a homemade soup, or perhaps cheese fondue or a nice, large salad, followed by specialty sandwiches, light fare like quiches, or go whole hog with substantial entrees, such as St. Louis ribs, meatloaf, or stuffed filet of sole. An even bigger surprise is that this little place has a phenomenal beer list to go with 100 imported cheeses: Choose from among 300 imported beers, including several very select Belgians. Come join us for great food and enjoy our unmatched selection of 300 beers and 100 cheeses from around the world." Last Chance Café | Greene  website and more . . .
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12496, Honey, Products, honey, honey products | Greene Burt's Mountain Honey

  Burt's Mountain Honey is located at 2635 CR 10, Windham NY 12496, Greene County in the Hudson Valley.

From Burt's Mountain Honey: "The Northern Catskill Mountains have always been home to Burt and his bees. As one of the founders of the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club and a professional beekeeper for over 65 years, Burt knew more than just a little bit about the birds and the bees. Burt promoted the use of honey for both health and healing from his early beekeeping days and his motto was Bee Happy, Bee Healthy, Eat Your Honey! Sadly, Burt passed away peacefully on July 13, 2013. Burt's Mountain Honey | Greene  website and more . . .

12496, 100% pure maple, upper-Hudson Valley, History, Maple Syrup, tree taps, Pure Maple Syrup, Local Honey, Maple Cream, Maple Sugar Candy, Attractions, Syrup Making Activities | Greene Partridge Sugar House

  Partridge Sugar House, offering 100% pure maple products, is located at 399 BG Partridge Road, Windham NY 12496, Greene County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Partridge House: "Partridge Sugar House is a family owned business with a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship, and excellence in producing 100% pure maple products. We are located in Ashland, NY in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Greene County. Partridge Sugar House | Greene  website and more . . .

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