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 Ellenville Grass-Fed Farms | Grass-Fed Meats

12428, NOFA-NY Certified Organic CSA, Ellenville, NY, internships, part-time jobs, Internships & Jobs, how to grow your own food, CSA Products, Berries, Flowers, Herbs<, 
Veggies, Pastured Pork, Pastured Eggs (from pastured hens & ducks) | Ulster Rusty Plough Farm "NOFA-NY Certified Organic"

  Rusty Plough Farm, a NOFA-NY Certified Organic CSA offering vegetables, flowers & berries, is located at 331 Dowe Road, Ellenville, NY 12428, Ulster County in the mid-Hudson Valley.

From Rusty Plough Farm: "Way back in days of old, little Oleh spent summers in Shokan, NY, enjoying the change from life in New York City. The girls wouldn’t allow him to hang with them, so he spent his days saving little seedlings from the mulch pile, as Babtsia Kurochka (“Grandma Hen”) tended her garden. Encouraged by his early successes with these seemingly doomed plants, he dreamed of someday tending his own little plot of land.

"The 1980s found Oleh toiling away in the computer software industry of Manhattan, getting away on the weekends to his country hideaway in Ulster Heights. There he created his own little veggie garden behind the old farmstead. What a perfect excuse to start amassing lots of machinery and 'toys' to fill up the barn. Soon the barn filled up and the garden grew to exploding.

"Fast-forward to 1988, when Oleh meets Nadia. A Jersey City girl, Nadia did know a bit about farming and country living, from spending her summers in Lexington, NY where she occasionally helped her aunt in the veggie garden. And she did help her dad around the house growing up, handing tools and such. And she could drive a manual transmission. Oh, and she was working as an archaeologist, so the digging-in-the-dirt part was familiar. This also helped her to appreciate the potential beauty hidden behind the plywood paneling of the old farmhouse. Oleh, knowing a good thing when he found her, proposed . . . In 2003, we moved to the farm, committed to growing and marketing our organic produce full-time." Rusty Plough Farm  "NOFA-NY Certified Organic" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 Gardiner Grass-Fed Farms | Grass-Fed Meats

12525, Farm, grass-fed products, Gardiner, NY, Old Fashioned Farming, No Antibiotics, No Pesticides, No Hormones, Facts about Grass-Fed, Grass-Fed & Finished Beef, 
Free Range Eggs, Broilers, Pork | Ulster Brookside Farm "NOFA-NY Grass-Fed"

  Brookside Farm, a NOFA-NY certified farm, offering grass-fed products, is located at 1278 Albany Post Road, Gardiner, NY 12525 in Ulster County.

From Brookside Farm: "Brookside Farm is family owned and operated; our farm is committed to the production of healthy, delicious food without the use of hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. We go beyond organic, incorporating management intensive grazing methods (daily rotation to fresh pasture) for our livestock, pasturing or free ranging all poultry and raising all our pigs on a ration of 100% organic grain. Our goal is to provide a gourmet quality, healthy alternative to industrialized food." Brookside Farm  "NOFA-NY Grass-Fed" | Ulster  website and more . . .

12525, organic farm located in Gardiner, heirloom, raise lamb, beef and egg laying chickens, farm-generated manure compost, Organic Farming, CSA at Four Winds, organic farming and grass-fed meats, Second Wind CSA, CSA Products, Pastured Meat | Ulster Four Winds Farm "Grass-Fed & Organic"

  Four Winds Farm, a CSA farm offering organic produce and grass-fed meat, is located at 158 Marabac Road, Gardiner NY 12525, Southern Ulster County in the Hudson Valley.

From Four Winds Farm: "Four Winds Farm is a 24 acre diversified organic farm located in Gardiner, in southern Ulster County, of which 4 acres are used to grow vegetables, primarily heirloom and open pollinated varieties for better flavor and for seed saving. The remainder is used to raise lamb, beef and egg laying chickens, which supply us generously with natural fertilizer. Our farm-generated manure compost allows us to grow vegetables using a method that is very different from conventional farms. Four Winds Farm  "Grass-Fed & Organic" | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 New Paltz Grass-Fed Farms | Grass-Fed Meats

historic, farm, healthy food production, food, farming, Hudson Valley agriculture, fresh food, farm experience, CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, farm visit, picked vegetables, Birthday Parties | Ulster Phillies Bridge Farm Project "CSA"

  The Phillies Bridge Farm Project is located at 45 Phillies Bridge Road, New Paltz, NY 12561 in Ulster County.

From Phillies Bridge: "Phillies Bridge Farm Project was founded in 1995 by a group of dedicated volunteers. We now feed hundreds of community members and engage over 2,500 people each year in the wonders of food production through our CSA, education, and community outreach programs. Our site includes about five acres of diversified vegetables, a children’s Discovery Garden, and a blazed nature trail that wanders through wetlands, woodlands, and pastures. Phillies Bridge Farm Project  "CSA" | Ulster  website and more . . .

12561, Farm, New Paltz, NY 12561, Gardiner, Wallkill, Modena, Certified Naturally Grown, USDA Organic program for small, farmers, Products, Farm Fresh Goat Cheese, Free Range Eggs, Grass Fed & Finished Beef, Picked-Daily Produce, 
Produce and Berries | Ulster Three Sisters Farm

  Three Sisters Farm is located at 105 Phillies Bridge Road, New Paltz NY 12561, Ulster County in the Hudson Valley.

Three Sisters Farm: "Three Sisters Farm promotes positive change by growing high quality vegetables and fruits, raising free-range chickens, educating about sustainable agriculture and living this vision. Founded in 2006 by Jose and Araceli Rodriguez, Three Sisters Farm is a fifty-five acre family farm that produces high quality vegetables, fruits, herbs and plants in New Paltz NY. Three Sisters Farm | Ulster  website and more . . .
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 Walker Valley Grass-Fed Farms | Grass-Fed Meats

family run micro-creamery, Catskill, Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York,  organic farming, herd management practice, NOFA-NY Farmers' Pledge, Goat Milk Products, Goat Milk Cheeses, Goat Milk Fudge, Chevon, Handmade Goat Milk Soaps | Ulster Acorn Hill Farmstead "NOFA-NY Micro-Creamery"

  Acorn Hill Farmstead Cheese, a family run micro-creamery, is located in Walker Valley, NY 12588, Ulster County in the mid-Hudson Valley region of New York.

From Acorn Hill Farmstead: Acorn Hill Farmstead Cheese is a family run micro-creamery. "We firmly believe in the value of local food sources and sustainable agriculture. We follow organic farming and herd management practice and have taken the NOFA-NY Farmers' Pledge. The goats are free to browse the weeds and trees and are given organic grain at milking time. Each goat is an individual who is named, respected, and loved. We believe that happy goats are healthy goats that produce milk that makes delicious cheese." Acorn Hill Farmstead  "NOFA-NY Micro-Creamery" | Ulster  website and more . . .

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